Al Ber Charitable Society Belmlam

Al-Birr Charitable Society, Belmlam: It was established by a ministerial decision and at the hands of men whom we believe, and God is our judge, worthy of the responsibility and trustworthy for the trustworthiness they have shouldered. Thus, our association was launched a few years ago, but after God’s grace, it provided a lot to its beneficiaries. In all areas of giving and giving, it contributed and sponsored, for orphans it sponsored, for the poor and divorced women it extended a helping hand and supported, for young people it qualified and trained, it built housing, and it stood alongside those about to get married. And for all charitable projects I sought and encouraged. It is truly a building block and a unique model of giving.

A civil relief association that seeks to touch the needs of beneficiaries and provides support according to controls to plant a smile of contentment

Our vision:

That the association be pioneering in its programs and distinguished in its services to beneficiaries, achieving the principle of solidarity through effective, developed leadership and a stimulating organizational environment.

Our message:

Deepening the association’s role in family and social development.