The functions of the accountant in construction companies and the nature of his work

What are the functions of the accountant in the contracting companies ?

 The functions of the accountant in the contracting companies are divided according to the nature of the accountant's work as divided int       5 sections, and this is what we will answer in our topic today

Senior Accountant & Customer Reference

Of the functions of Senior Accountant & Customer Reference consists of 12 points we will talk about now 

  1.  See the contract between the company and the customer and review the terms of payment and guarantees and any other conditions and save the contract files.
  2.  Following up the opening of the insurance file and paying the insurance percentage for the contract.
  3.  Recording the value of the contract assistants and customer reports as a guide.
  4.  Issuing an internal memo to the bank accountant to issue the letters of guarantee related to the terms of payment, if stipulated in the contract.
  5.  Review the abstracts issued by the project management and ratios to complete the contract account and inventory quantities carried out on the actual site (on the nature) and compare with the client's extract and follow the differences
  6. Follow-up of the cash collection or check of the submitted abstract and review the deductions on the check (insurance, taxes, fines, etc.) and to ascertain the percentage of value added taxes on the contracting, whether the supply of installation / rental equipment
  7. The work of a daily manual and entry to the daily value of the extract and deductions in case of deductions
  8. Record the abstract on the American Journal and the assistants.
  9.  The work of the settlement restrictions required to prove taxes and deductions manual or through the program
  10.  Reducing the customer's indebtedness to the value of collection and proof of the assistants and the work of daily hand-held restrictions according to the attached documents from the treasury or the bank accountant.
  11.  Prepare daily and weekly reports on customer attitude
  12.  Review the accounts of customers and work with customer approvals for periodic reconciliation of the account.

Senior accountant for suppliers

The functions of senior accountant for suppliers are composed of the following

  1. Receipt of a copy of the contract in the case of contracting the supply and keeping it files.
  2. Receiving a copy of (Inventory / estimate) BOQ from the technical office to follow up the purchases.
  3. Receive a copy of the MR materials request either from the site or the administration or workshop.
  4. Receive a copy of the purchase order (LPO) from the procurement department
  5. Receipt of an image of the DN authorized delivery from the warehouse monitor
  6. Receipt of a copy of the additive stored from the warehouse monitor
  7. Receipt of the invoice origin from the supplier with the origin of the delivery authorization.
  8. Follow up the terms of payment either by contracting or direct purchase.
  9.  Preparation of the daily journal entry and entry into the American Journal and its deportation in the book of suppliers' professor, analyzing the suppliers and making sure that the invoice is compatible with the above in terms of technical and financial
  10.  Prepare a special report on the debt lifespan according to the terms of payment 30/60/90 days.
  11.  Reducing the Supplier's indebtedness with the amount paid and proof of the assistants and the work of daily manual restrictions based on the attached documents from the Treasury or the bank accountant or the Covenant.
  12. Preparing daily and weekly reports.
  13. Review the supplier accounts and confirm with the suppliers to settle the account.
  14. Save all the above documents in the files allocated to them for easy reference.
  15.  Preparing a supplier database and analyzing materials prices.

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Senior Accountant for Contractors

The functional task to Senior Accountant for Contractors consist of the following

  1.  Receipt of a copy of the (subcontract) from the project management or technical office and prepare a database for the subcontractors (file) and review the terms of the contract,payments and fines and the contracting surface - lump - diary - etc.
  2. Receiving the original extract of the subcontractor from the accountant of the site after being approved by the project manager and matching it with the contract technically and financially.
  3. Receipt of an asset from the warehouse owner's permits for the contractor at the site from the warehouse controller (contractor withdrawals)
  4. Receipt of the original assets of the equipment and diaries from the accountant of the site after being approved by the operating officer and project manager to ensure financial compliance.
  5. Receipt of any documents concerning site discounts to the contractor from the website accountant.
  6.  Preparation of the entry of the daily Journal and hand it to the American Journal and his deportation in the notebook of the subcontractors' consultants, the analysis of the contractors, and to ensure that the site's sergeants and the exchange permissions are in line with the abstract technically and financially.
  7. Receipt of a copy of the cash permit from the treasurer - or the official in charge of the sites in the case of cash payment - and a copy of the check permission checks and a copy of the check in the case of payment checks by the Issuer of checks to prepare the payment and transfer it to the analysis of contractors.

Senior Accountant for Banks

The functional tasks to Senior Accountant for Banks consist of the following

  1.  Make special files for each bank separately and include the following (bank statements, bank reconciliation, checkers, checkers, checkers, issuing bank, bank account, etc.)
  2.  Preparing bank reconciliation and preparing weekly reports.
  3. Preparing daily limits for bank reconciliation.
  4.  Follow up the opening of banking facilities of all kinds and conditions and the preservation of documents in the files.
  5.  Issuing letters of guarantee (primary / batch / final) and keeping them in their files.
  6.  Preparation of daily restrictions on the issuance or cancellation of letters of guarantee.
  7.  Refund of letters of guarantee or letters of guarantee and the preparation of restrictions.
  8. Preparation of the supporting accounts (analytical book) for each of (Banks - Checks under collection) and prepare their reports weekly.
  9.  Follow up statements of account and collections and seals with the bank official (daily - monthly - monthly)
  10. Review and follow-up issuance of checks and technical and financial compliance before being approved by the authorized signatory.
  11.  Review and follow-up receipt of checks and save copies of checks in the files for that.
  12. Preparing the restrictions for the issuance and receipt of checks.

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Senior Accountant for Treasury - Secretary of Treasury

The functional tasks for Senior Accountant for Treasury - Secretary of Treasury consist of the following

  1.  Receiving custody of the treasury after its inventory and classification of the financial amounts according to the categories and signing the receipt of the treasury and make sure that the treasury is intact and has no defects and that copies of the keys are not available except with the treasurer and the additional copy with what the Director General sees.
  2.  Receipt of financial amounts and the preparation of receipt of cash receipt (authorized receipts) after counting the cash promise with an explanation of the reason for receipt or documents indicating that and the signature of the Treasury Auditor thereon.
  3. Non-disbursement of financial amounts only after receipt of a request for payment approved and prepared by the financial administration attached to the reason of exchange, provided that the Treasury Secretary to prepare a cash exchange sign and the signature of the recipient and attached a copy of the ID card and the signature of the Treasury Auditor on the receipt.
  4. Treasury inventory daily at the end of the working day and the numbers of the movement of the treasury (receipts - payments).
  5. Send the original daily treasury transaction with the attachment of payment receipts (receipts) and receipts (receipts) to the settlement accountant (treasury accountant) for daily treasury records.
  6.  In the case of any deficit in the Treasury, a report shall be made to determine the cause of the disability and, accordingly, the decision on the disability shall be made.
  7.  An alternative to the Treasurer shall be appointed by the Director General in cases ( illness - leave - absence) of the main custodian. Only after the treasury inventory shall be received by the Treasury Auditor, the Accounts Manager and the Financial Manager. Treasury.
  8. In the case of advances and the covenant of employees, which is more than twice the salary, the employee shall sign the receipt of a secretariat stored in the treasury and shall be refunded after payment or settlement after attaching evidence thereof.
  9. The treasury room must be in a good place and separate from the rest of the departments and they are monitored by cameras

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