Conditions for obtaining a CMA certificate And its features and registration conditions

Conditions for obtaining a CMA certificate

What is CMA Accounting Certification?

Advantages of obtaining a CMA certificate

How to Obtain a CMA Certificate

Steps to register for the CMA exam

Test fees

The university certificate is no longer sufficient to obtain a prestigious job. International certificates are an integral part and the need to obtain distinctive opportunities and important jobs in the labor market. Among these international certificates we will talk about the CMA accounting certificate, and what is the most important feature of this certificate, how to obtain it and other information that increases your knowledge of CMA Accounting

? What is CMA Accounting Certification

Initially, CMA is the acronym for ( Certified Management Accountant), which is certified by the IMA, which is the Institute of Chartered Accountants. CMA is a certificate of advanced and internationally accredited certification from the American Association of Management Accountants, This certificate gives the owners the excellence in work, since the experience gained through it gives the accountant a sense of excellence and excellence in administrative accounting, which entitles him to qualify for senior positions in his field.

The certificate program is designed to meet the different needs of qualified and experienced professionals in all fields such as 

  • engineers
  • accountants
  •  managers
  • internal and external auditors
  •  factory and production managers,
  •  financial executives

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Advantages Of Obtaining A CMA Certificate

What are the advantages of getting a CMA certificate ? A question that comes into the mind of every person who is looking for the development of himself in the field of accounting, we will enumerate some of the features that you will receive, the real features will touch it after the acquisition of this certificate and your involvement in the labor market

  • The right to membership in one of the largest international accounting associations is the International Accounting Association (ICMA)
  • International recognition of your person as an international administrative accountant may work in any country in the world
  • Increase the demand for your professional services as a qualified accountant by major international and local companies and institutions regardless of their field or activity.
  •  Develop your personal and technical abilities as an accountant from the highest professional accountants
  • Distinguished from any accountant qualified CMA certificate holder to obtain the highest administrative positions in the world of accounting
  •  A treasure of scientific knowledge and experience in many fields such as economics, administrative accounting, finance 
  • finance very high salaries for the holder of this certificate
  • Strengthen your English.

The CMA Certificate Holder can provide services in the following areas:

  • Strategic accounting management for organizations and companies.
  • Evaluating the accounting performance of organizations and companies.
  • Manage and organize the accounting performance of organizations and companies.
  • Management of accounting resources for institutions and companies.
  • Accounting risk management for organizations and companies.
  • Issuing periodic accounting reports in institutions and companies.
  • Drafting the accounting administrative decision.
  • Designing the ethics of financial management and accounting in institutions and companies

How to Obtain a CMA Certificate?

All financial accounting professionals can apply for the test if the following is available in the applicant

  1. Obtain a bachelor's degree from an accredited university or its equivalent
  2. Have at least two years' experience in accounting, finance or both
  3. Or be a student at the Faculty of Commerce Accounting Division 

Steps to register for the CMA exam

The first step

to enrolling in the CMA is to translate the bachelor's degree into English by extracting a copy of the university administration in English showing the subjects and the number of hours of study in front of each subject and stamped and approved by the college administration, university administration and the foreign ministry

The second step

Which will be listed below, and you will fill out a form to qualify for the certificate

The third step

then pay the membership fees, and then register for testing from the same site by filling out the form

 You can apply and register for the certificate and get more information by visiting this website    WWW.IMANET.ORG 

Test fees

  • The test fee is US $ 215
  • One test fee per part is US $ 350
  • Membership fees are US $ 210 for the first year and are renewed annually for US $ 195

These were the most prominent and important information in all the CMA accounting, we tried to put all the important questions and answers in this article, we hope you have benefited from them, and God is the guardian of success

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