The difference between ERP and CRM systems And most important advantages

The difference between ERP and CRM systems

What is an ERP system?

ERP system features

What is the CRM system?

Advantages of the CRM system

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ERP and CRM are among the most widely used accounting software in the field of accounting software, and commercial companies use any of them because each of them aims to increase profitability for all types of business activities, both of which play an effective role to improve efficiency and increase sales

Through this article we will give a brief description of the definition of both and the most important features

?What is ERP accounting system definition

-Is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning which translates into Enterprise Resource Planning It is one of the most famous accounting systems used to improve the efficiency of all business processes It also allows rapid sharing of unified information for all departments It is also used for all functions whether commercial or otherwise.

ERP, provides easy ways to streamline accounting operations across all activities It reduces overhead and costs borne by companies. It is also one of the programs that contain a large database and multiple, it includes many and many data, and shows the program problems or errors that may occur with solutions that help to resolve those errors before they occur

Characteristics of ERP

  • Provides a large and powerful database.
  • Enable usage by an infinite number of users.
  • It is a constantly evolving software that is compatible with modern technology.
  • Helps connect all branches with each other and with the main central branch. It also helps reduce expenses and costs that are a burden on many companies.
  • A flexible program which makes its use easy and fast.
  •  Helps the user to exploit the resources of the company available for optimal exploitation is not only to do sales and purchase.
  • Allows handling a lot of customers and suppliers and it is possible to be a supplier and client supplier at the same time.
  • Making the division of labor into several different departments with special powers for each department.
  •  It helps us extract the necessary reports that we need to work at any time and for any time.
  • It contains modern advanced accounting standards that conform to international standards.
  • Inventory systems for any department and for any product are simplified, easy and comparable.
  • It supports multi-currency operation, and allows the use of many currencies with its conversion in the base currency that is traded where it is linked to the financial markets to know the prices of the currencies of Powell.
  • The ERP program helps to follow up on all commitments such as (sales orders - purchase orders - customer requests - supplier offers - payroll - etc.).
  • It integrates all accounting systems with one another (sales systems, procurement system, warehouse system, banking system, cash system, checks, personnel system, point of sale system and other accounting systems).
  • Helps to do the work of multiple daily LTO checks, extracting reports that fit business needs.
  •  Prints all statistics, data and all invoices.
  • It performs bank reconciliation in an easy, fast and advanced way.
  •  Perform financial analysis by making graphs.
  • Can be used by any business activity or any other activity whether small, medium or large.

What is CRM ?

 Is a shortcut to "Customer Relationship Managementand translated into CRM, this program helps to record all the data that belong to customers and all previous and current transactions to them, and is the extraction of detailed reports of all customers that are handled by the company through the use of Information and data recorded within the program.

It is one of the most important accounting programs used to deal with customers. It also develops in the different departments used by the company, such as sales, marketing, and general accounts. It helps us to directly follow each user within the company through the evaluation of CRM.

The program also works to increase sales through the use of different marketing campaigns in which it uses the various reports extracted from the program, which helps to make the right decisions quickly and in a record time, which depends on the detailed reports produced by the program.

Features of CRM system

First: Database 

The basic rule used by any accounting program which is the basis of building any institution, CRM program contains a strong database containing many different customers with the possibility to increase them at any time and add many of them.

Second: Communicate with customers

 The program uses all the modern electronic means that help to communicate with customers directly (e-mail, phone calls, social media, Live chat). It records all the needs of the customers while meeting their different needs through communication to the nearest Branch to them

Third: Development of the team

The program to extract the reports and analyzes that belong to the team fully, which helps to raise the performance of the level of the team, and helps you to follow-up to the whole team and follow up work remotely and follow-up stages of sale that belong to each individual within the work

Fourth: Increase Sales

CRM uses modern and sophisticated sales operations,which aim to increase sales and complete all sales operations. It also produces detailed reports of all the different sales operations carried out in all branches of each branch

Fifth: Continuous Development

 The program works on permanent continuous development through the database contained in the program, which makes the company always ready for continuous development and modernization, and makes the company receptive to any change that occurs from updates to work within the company

Sixth: Raising market share

 The program extracts detailed and detailed reports that increase the market share that follow the customers. The CRM program helps us to find important analyzes that help to know the requirements of different customers The program devises a distinctive plan to implement all the requirements, within the company, which increases the market share of the company

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