Concrete plant management program through the production management system

Concrete Plant Management Program

to save time and effort on the construction companies and the production stations of ready - made concrete ana control the prodution centers that serve the company's projects first an then control the sales to others and these centers are service centers are often the crushers and concrete plants and  asphalt mixers and through the production management system 

  • monitor incoming materials 
  • products fully or half-full control orders output work
  • production schedule, 
  • control of transport department 
  • rental of equipment such as concrete pump

One of the solutions provided by the production management system in babel program for contracting serving concrete stations in Egypt and the Gulf States ??

  1. You can observe the documentary cycle starting from contracting to the bill of sale or exchange of projects in the company.
  2. You can monitor the schedule of production, operation and supply of the client or the site at any time in the company.
  3. You can control the raw materials from the stores of raw materials against the quantities produced.
  4.  The company or the company's management can control the deviations between the standard quantities of production with the actual quantities consumed materials.

You can also see a detailed description of the concrete plant management program through the following link that helps you to work in a practical way on the production management system in babel program

A brief description of the management of concrete stations