The most important updates in 2020 from the business accounting program

The Babel Contracting program is the only specialized system for managing contracting companies and real estate investment companies in the Arab world, as it allows all departments and divisions within the company to work more organized and connected as accounts and separate as departments.

All the new things in system management

Financial management for contracting companies

Management of abstracts and letters of guarantee

We develop and monitor the company's performance and extract reports on the basis of which we will issue future decisions for the company.

Reports in the Babel Contracting System

Each department has warning reports based on the dates of violations during the specified period.

Reports in the program enjoy flexibility and diversity as you can print reports differently for the same account and you can modify reports in a way that suits the company and its activity

 Users Authorization System

The system administrator can create separate groups with different permissions for each department according to the specialization within the department, then register the user's permissions under his group

One of the most important features of the 2020 version of the Babel Contracting Program

Moving between the departments of the system according to the powers and direct change from the Arabic language to the English language or any other language. You can also communicate with the technical support directly through the front side of the program through communication through the chat.

This is an explanatory video about the program

Explanatory video explanation: A simple video explanation of each screen was explained on how to deal with it from the help menu at the top of each screen

The dictionary: it allows you to translate any screen within the system into any other language

Hints: You can review the most important questions from clients and how they are solved within the questions library and answer them on the company's official website

Electronic archiving: where the electronic archive in the accounting program for contracting allows you to deal with all accounts and cost centers, and the required data is withdrawn from external documents on the system as a reference for the user, such as (tenders - contracts for clients or contractors - company papers - employee papers ... etc.)

We will explain a simplified idea for all departments of the specialized program for managing companies Contracting In the Arab world and start

:System management system

 It allows you to control the system’s powers in a more flexible manner at the level of the company as a whole, or specific departments, managers, groups, or users within each system screen
Notes "This administration is for the system administrator and allows him the following"

Register authorizations 


You register the permissions starting with the managers and give each manager the powers within his own section. You can also divide each department of the director into separate groups with separate powers that do not exceed the powers of the administrator and then give each user his own authorizations

Adding company information 

Through this administration, you can add the company data from the printouts logo, header and footer from the system

Organizing and coordinating fonts, translating names and screens into any language, changing the names of screens and changing the names within the sub-screens

BackupYou can control manual or automatic copying of the data at a specific time for it to be determined in advance and save the program inside the device or send it to the email

 :Importing from Excel

.You can also import data from Excel on the accounting guide, entries, extracts, settlement orders, etc


You can extract reports from this administration from user permissions, available licenses, and per user performance

Financial Management System
The financial department in the system is the main center in financially monitoring all departments of the company and monitoring the rest of the departments and accounting directives
This is an explanatory video about financial management in the Babel Contracting 2020 program


One of the most important features in financial management
Accounting Guide: The system contains a ready-made flexible accounting guide prepared for contracting companies and real estate investment companies, subject to addition and modification that supports import from Excel

Recording of operations:

All accounting operations are recorded through an integrated documentary cycle, an opening entry - a cash order - cash disbursement, checks, cash receipts and checks - settlement order and covenant settlement - general settlement - journal entries - periodic entries - and a reverse entry - recording and following up the financial papers from payment and capture

Supports import from Excel.

Workflow system application on accounts such as appropriations on exchange order and settlement order up to 5 levels.

Audit and review:

This department is specialized in reviewing and approving accounting operations, moving by movement or freezing a certain period to date, and you can distribute costs to items, close expenses, distribute general and administrative expenses to projects in percentages, follow up on securities, define accounts and cost centers.

Account statement:

Multiple account statements containing more than one level on accounts, projects and regions. Whether it is partial, comprehensive, or on the balances. A matching system can also be followed and a combined account statement for some accounts or all accounts, whether main or subsidiary, or are collected on cost centers

Financial Statements:

Multiple audit scales. General, sub and comprehensive balance at the level of the company, region or project at all levels of accounts with the Track Balances system. Final accounts from a statement of income, financial position, and cash flows at the level of the company, region, or project. Quarterly, semi-annual, or other system, and the date is determined from-to.

Financial Management Reports:

The reports in the program enjoy flexibility and diversity as you can print reports differently for the same account and you can modify the reports in a way that suits the company and its activity. The program provides you with reports on reviews - and control - expenses, bank movements and revenues on the company, region or project, as well as analytical reports 

"Contracting Management "Extracts and Letters of Guarantee

This system aims to develop the level of follow-ups and extracts and manage contracts and letters of guarantee in an orderly manner, whether it is government, individuals or companies. 

صورة توضيحية لادارة المستخلصات وخطابات الضمان An illustration of the administration of extracts and letters of guarantee

Business Items:

Clients' items are recorded for each project, and the program allows you to import these items from a previous project or an estimate made by the technical office management or from Excel, whether on the project as a whole or on the sub-stages and the arrangement and classification of works.

  And adding the contract quantities, units, unit price, business number, item number and description, and linking it to a special revenue where you can know the revenue of the item, and through this section, you can add the new items and the available quantities and increase and add contractor items and link them to the customer’s items or separate them with the possibility of changing the contractor’s price and quantity.

Contract Management:

This administration allows you to register a contract for the client, the contractor and the production workers with items, quantities, prices, payments of all kinds, working period, delay fines and agreed terms, and for the customer it is available for you to issue a price offer from the program either on the terms or on an agreed rate without cost called management or supervision ratios

Extracts Management:

Through this department, it is possible to issue an extract or invoice to the client or to the contractor, or to import these extracts from the technical department in case the quantities are counted by the responsible engineer.

  It is also possible to issue an extract for production workers, its distribution and entitlement for each worker separately. The abstracts can be linked to the accounts and the issuance of entries automatically after the credits and review of the financial statements.

Guarantees Management:

The administration allows you to record letters of guarantee in the amount, percentage, and the competent authority, and to specify the warranty period for warning

It can be linked with accounts by issuing the accounting record. You can know the bank facilities granted and the limit used, and you can perform all operations on letters of guarantee, including raising, reducing and releasing.

Reports Department:

The reports in the program are flexible and diverse, as you can print reports differently for the same account.

You can amend the reports in a manner that suits the company and its activities. The program provides you with reports on the extracts of the client and the contractor and all movements on items and comparing them to contracts, completion rates, business invoices and letters of guarantee.

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