!!! He lost his job at Microsoft because he. Read and reflect on everything you read

What is the reason for not hiring a bathroom worker at Microsoft

An unemployeman worked for Microsoft in a bathroom cleaner job. An interview with the Personnel Officer was identified and he was informed during the interview that his application for appointment to the company

The manager of personnel affairs asked him to send the contract form and conditions. The unemployed person said, "I do not have an e-mail or a computer in my house." The employee affairs officer said: "You do not have a computer or an e-mail. If you do not exist and you do not exist, you do not have a job."

The Unemployed Came Out Of The Office So Sad What To Do ?

 He Went And Bought Everything He Owned For 10$ A Strawberry And He Started Selling It And Earning 10$ On The Day And The Next Day I Bought 20$ And Started Trading Strawberries Until He Bought A Bike And Then Bought A Car

In 5 years he became the biggest food store in the region and decided to insure the company and the stores. The representative of the insurance company came and agreed on the necessary conditions and the employee of the insurance company sent his e-mail to send him all the papers and contracts.

But he side

I do not have an e-mail

the employee was surprised and told him how to be the owner of the largest food companies in the region and do not have an e-mail ?? 

The man smiled and said to him: If I had an e-mail, I would have done a bathroom cleaner at Microsoft now "