Know the basic employee data and its importance to the company and the employee

Employee data is of high importance to control the performance of the company due to the consequent events. Employee data can be classified and classified into a group that is as follows

  • Basic data.

  • Financial data.

  • Data of escorts.

  • Validity data.

  • Human resource models.

Basic Data

1- Employee data. The employee’s name is registered correctly as recorded in his ID card or passport, and the registration is in Arabic and English.

2. Nationality Nationality data is one of the important points in the employee’s data, because the employee’s accountability in the insurance law varies according to the goodness of the employee, whether the employee is a citizen of a country or a foreign resident. These points and their other connections must be clarified in terms of residency data, permissibility of travel, etc.

3. After registering the name of each employee, each employee gets his own code or ID, and the employee’s number inside the company is (fingerprint number ....).

4. Among the employee’s data that take into account the employee’s photo, a photo must be kept for each employee whose file address is so that it is on his file of papers, in the ID, etc.

5. The administration and divisions within the company are registered so that the employees are distributed according to his profession in his own department, for example, the division is as follows (General Administration - Financial Department - Personnel Affairs Department ... ...).

6. The place of work for which the employee works and for which he receives a salary, and this is in the event that there are sites or branches of the company. Each employee is registered on the branch or department in which he works so that it bears the cost of the salary and the employee’s salary in this case is part of the project costs.

7. After registering the departments and projects, that the registration of the exclusive job is for each employee, and the job is one of the most important employee data

8. Every employee of the company gets an annual leave balance. This item is recorded in the employee’s data, so that the employee will exhaust this balance during the year.

9. Also among the employee’s important data is the employee’s entry date to work. This date is taken into account when the employee’s promotion or the employee’s clearance at the end of his service in the company is he entitled to a reward for the period he spent with the company and how much and other influences can be calculated by knowing the employee’s joining date. At the company.

Financial Data

1. The employee's financial data includes many important points on the basis of which the employee's salary effects are calculated and the value of the basic salary that was agreed upon before the start of work and which the employee will receive for each work month is recorded.

 2. Advances account A special employee advances account is created for each employee in the company so that he has the ability to obtain a sum of money as an advance from his salary before the end of the month and this is organized by the company's internal work regulations.

3. Employees' pledge or Custody. A special covenant account has been created for each employee that the company allows him to do so that he will spend on work projects or purchases.

4. Insurances, which are divided into social insurance, medical insurance, social insurances that are calculated according to the Social Insurance Law that was recently amended so that the employee bears 11% of the value of the insurance segment to which the employee is subjected according to the employee's data, and the employer also bears part of the value of the private social insurance for each As for medical insurance, the company or entity contracts with a hospital or specialized medical center so that it includes medical insurance for the employee or employee and his family with a financial value, for example 100 thousand pounds. An agreement with the employee is to bear part of it at a fixed percentage per month. This is in a simple way regarding the employee’s private data With insurances.

5. Allowances There are many types of allowances that an employee can obtain during his tenure in the company or the entity to which he belongs, including the basic allowances, including the variable of these allowances, housing allowances, transportation allowances, transportation allowances, airline tickets allowances and other types of allowances that the employee may obtain and are included within Employee data   

6. Work earning tax The Egyptian Tax Authority issued a periodical book regarding salary tax, explaining how to calculate the tax and the tax savings for each employee after the tax deduction law was issued.

  • The periodic book was prepared for circulation to the sectors of the Egyptian Tax Authority and its missions to implement the stated rules and provisions in order to facilitate the employees addressing these provisions, and to settle any difference of views in this regard.
  • The Ministry of Finance confirmed in the memorandum that it saw the importance of searching for a tax incentive aimed at reducing the tax burden on the eligible groups without wasting tax revenues without a sound scientific justification.
  • The ministry clarified that the current exemption amounting to 7,200 pounds annually is no longer sufficient for all categories of taxpayers liable to this tax and not only employees, and therefore any change in the exemption limit must include all categories so that the text is not challenged by unconstitutionality considering the severe discrimination between the size of the exemption granted For the employees only.
  • The first exempted tranche was increased from 7,200 pounds to 8,000 pounds, the second tranche more than 8,000 pounds up to 30,000 pounds, an 85% discount, the third tranche more than 30,000 pounds up to 45,000 pounds, a 45% discount, and the fourth bracket to more than 45,000 pounds up to 200,000 EGP discount of 7.5%
  • The tax exemption limit to 8,000 pounds instead of 7200 pounds costs the state treasury more than 9 billion pounds during the new fiscal year 2018/2019.
  • After calculating all the effects related to the salary of each employee, the net salary is calculated, and the employee's salary is divided into basic salary, which is the basic amount that the employee receives monthly and a variable salary, which is the value of the allowances, bonuses and other amounts that the employee receives other than the basic salary, and all this is included in the employee's data

Accompanying data

In the event that the employee works in a foreign country and the employee's family obtains a visit and residence in the country in which he works, the data of the family or the individuals accompanying him are recorded to follow up their data 

Validity data

 Each employee has a set of data related to expiration dates (employee data) such as driver’s license, travel permits and residency for foreign employees. The validity data relates to the dates of the expiration or approaching expiration of renewal dates and the expiration of these powers may cause a problem for the company and the employee. The employee is not allowed to drive a car with an expired driving license or He must work in a foreign country without renewing his residence, so the Workers Affairs Program that you are working on must have reminder methods that provide you with time reports that show you a map with the names of employees in the event that the expiry dates of licenses, residency, etc. are approaching

Human resource models

Among the important employee data are the forms of correspondence, whether internal between departments, or outgoing correspondence with institutions and entities that have a work relationship with the company or the interest in which the employee works from, for example

An introduction letter that is presented to the authorities that the company needs to notify that the employee who carries this letter will represent the company with them, such as dealing with shipping companies, customs clearance, banks, etc.


  • Leave request In the event that the employee requests the leave, a written request must be submitted to the direct manager to complete the steps for this and to know who will do the employee’s work during the employee’s leave period, so that the employee’s absence does not affect the workflow.

Employee data

A vacation request

Evaluating the employee’s performance in the event that a new employee is appointed in the company under the probation period and a performance evaluation is done for him, for the company to consider whether or not to approve his appointment as an employee of the company. Half yearly or monthly, or according to the company's work system, and this is useful in knowing the extent of the employee's feasibility for the company and whether he is kept as an employee of the company or terminated with the company and also in the case of promotion and salary increase, all of these are attached to the employee's data.