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An introduction

One of the goals of financial management in the Babel Hwa system is to provide an accounting guide and an integrated documentary cycle, in addition to the basic tools for any financial system. From account statements - trial balances - income list - financial position - cash flows in addition to accounts and auditing reports such as the general ledger - general journal - project profits and losses ........ etc.

The most important financial management solutions in the Babel Contracting system

Financial management is considered an essential system in the Babel Contracting system, as it is considered the main center in monitoring the rest of the company’s departments and monitoring accounting directives

It is one of the most important solutions provided by the financial management

A set of internal audit and audit tools, such as comparing actual costs with estimates.

  1. A flexible and prepared accounting guide for contracting companies and real estate investment companies.
  2. An integrated documentary cycle, beginning with the recording of the opening balances, through the cycle of disbursement, capture and settlements
  3. Various and detailed account statements at the company or project level.
  4. Monitor employees' trust from disbursement, settlement, and credit limit.
  5. Monitor the profits and losses of the company at the level of the project or business items.
  6. Final accounts include the income statement - the financial position - the list of cash flows - the list of change in equity

Explanatory video explanation of the system

Through the video, the accounting guide was explained, as well as the cost centers guide, and how to record public accounts in a tree format through different levels of account classification.

We also explained the documentary cycle for the accounts, starting with the opening entry, passing through the exchange and arrest vouchers, the settlement of the covenant, the cycle of securities, and the creation of daily entries.

The most important questions answered in the financial management

Technical questions in financial management

Is the accounting guide limited to the chart of accounts only ??

Babel system provides accounting guide - cost centers directory - items guide and method of registration in any directory through detailed cards.

How are customer and supplier cards registered in the directory ??

Our policy is to link the cards data automatically with the accounting guide so that you can record all the detailed data and at the same time the program opens

Accounts and their classification in the accounting guide is automatic.

An example of a subcontractor card: Record all the contractor's basic data from the name - mobile number - official - email in addition to the tax data with the possibility of adding

Evaluating the performance of the contractor once it is saved ... the program saves the contractor's accounts in the accounting guide classified according to their nature.

Common questions

Where is the company headquarters ??

We have 3 offices inside and outside Egypt, as well as agents and distributors at the level of the Arab world

 Head Office: Cairo - Gesr El Suez Main Road

First Branch: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Riyadh

The second branch: Egypt - Zagazig

What are the payment methods and steps to buy ??

Payment methods and the purchase steps for the system consist of the following steps

1 - Communicating with customer service to explain the contracting company management program with a practical example and nominating the appropriate systems for your company’s activity. During the explanation, the trainer will suggest the appropriate systems for you and how to benefit from them.

2 - Entering the price offer and selecting and printing the appropriate systems for your activity.

3 - Attached with the price offer are all financial data and payment methods.

4 - Transferring the contract payment according to the quotation to the company’s account. See payment methods.

5 - Send a picture of the transfer and your email on WhatsApp 00201093053052 or the company's email. Contact us.

6 - Once the transfer is received, the technical support will contact you directly to install the program.

7 - Send the passwords for the contracting company management program and your login account on the company’s website to your e-mail.

8 - The training form is sent to specify the appropriate training schedule for you, with the date and time, and you can print it from here.

9 - Send an email from your side stating that the training was completed in each training lecture.

10- In the event that the trainer does not understand during the explanation, you can send an email to change the trainer.

11- Contacting technical support during the company's work period through the company's website, using your account or WhatsApp.

12- You can request a support ticket by adding suggestions or amendments, and customer service will contact you to coordinate.

13- In the event of any complaint from the support, coach or customer service, the complaint is sent to the company's official email.

14- We do not take any requests or suggestions through personal communication, but rather we rely on official requests by e-mail.

15 - In the event that any employee of your company has been authorized that he is responsible, all his data shall be sent to an email approved by your administration

Financial management picture library

Our clients

More than 400 contracting companies from the largest contracting companies in the Arab world work on the Babel Contracting Program, and we offer you the most important companies and institutions

More of our customers through the link  "Press here"

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