Yes, you can succeed starting now, models of reality

We all know that Hyundai is one of the biggest companies in the world, but we do not know that the founder of this legend was one of the poorest people in his village. His father was a simple man who did not have any other work, but Chung the fighting boy was a positive person. He left his village and his school and traveled to work as a mechanic in a workshop. He worked hard in this work until he designed the first design for a small car and went to Toyota to show them the design but their response does not match this car with Toyota E-scales. He decided to return to his school and designed this work in a more professional way, subjected to ridicule by one of his professors and the demand for this invention and their goal to frustrate it, but increased enthusiasm and continued to change in this design to reach the criteria for the completion of this design of the benefits of Chung he is a person and risk of the first degree . When the war broke out in Korea and everything was destroyed, Chung struggled to work in his own country to return to work and invest. He made nuclear power plants, built roads and paved roads. Korea owes them the first Hyundai car in 1975. It was made by Hyundai and named pony and later founded by Hyundai Electronics In 1983, its goal was to develop the personal computer. This field was also new to it. It did not know and succeeded in it. Its philosophy in life was always development and expansion, and the time it passes without successful work does not consider it alive

The first person in Korea is a job to find jobs for young people in Korea and motivate them to work and rise in the country.

 Chung is a first-rate social man who plays roles in popular associations and committees and the first Korean man to have relations with communist countries including Moscow, Played a major role in the economy and was a wise political man of the first degree and nominated himself to head Korea after he founded a political party and despite his failure to reach the presidency, but his candidacy contributed to the number of economic problems and poor development that founded Hyundai

Then I get up and do not less my circumstances, my life and my problems there are harder and harder than your life, but the difference is that they did not give in to their fears

He founded his company at the age of 30 and his wealth reached 91 billion dollars

Founder of "Amazon"

Jeff Pizzos, a 30-year-old man, founded Amazon, now known as the world's largest retail and e-commerce store.

Bill Gates, the founder of "Microsoft" specialized in the creation of software programs in the world, where the wealth of Bill Gates 90 Billion dollars Amazon "headquartered in the city of" Seattle "in the state of Washington in the United States of America in the far north of the North American

His grow up

Bezos was born on January 12, 1964 under the name of Jeffrey Preston Georgensen. His father Ted Jorgensen met his mother Jacqueline Jess when they were both in high school. He was 18 years old and 16 years old when she was married in Geoffrey and went to Mexico.

Jeff's father worked in a retail store for $ 1 and a quarter of an hour, so he did not have much money. He used to drink too much. After that, he married his mother in 1968 from Miguel Bezos, who arrived in Miami in 1962 from Cuba. One English is "hamburger".

 Georgensen agreed that Bezos would adopt his son to become a four-year-old from Jeffrey Preston Georgensen to Jeffrey Preston Bezos


Bezos received his high school diploma and was an early winner at Princeton University. He earned a degree in computer science, but years later, while working as a financial analyst at a company in New York, he thought of founding Amazon. At that time, Omar Bezos was 30 years old and had been married for only a year. "I told my wife that I wanted to leave my job and do something crazy that would probably not work from the start", 

Bezos began with a few staff at the office he set up for the company in software development, putting the system under test after inviting  50 friends to test the site, to open on July 16, 1995, and Amazon International began to take off to the world and start growing demand to arrive The size of the company's business amounted to 150 billion dollars

  It's time to start now and start to be like Amazon