The most important professional accounting certificates

Learn about the most important professional accounting certificates

One of the most important certificates for each accountant 

is the CPA certificate and is called Certified Public Accountant or certified accountant CPA 

is a certificate designed by the AICPA Consortium in the United States In order to provide international professional accreditation to financial accounting and auditing professionals. Those who carry this certificate have the respect of companies and society and have the full opportunity to qualify for leadership positions in their field

Candidate categories for this certificate

  • External and internal auditors 
  • accountants in companies and banks
  •  financial managers and heads of account departments working in the finance sector in government and private sectors 
  • graduates of faculties of commerce

Qualifications required

  1. Obtain a bachelor's degree
  2. At least 2 years of experience in auditing and auditing

The importance of obtaining the certificate 

Achieving a global reputation in the field of auditing, due to the overall need of the market for this specialized specialization. This certificate provides its employees with excellent job opportunities due to the high level skills and experience that qualify them to communicate with Thousands of certified accountants worldwide through the membership of the American Institute of Certified Accountants and access to what is happening in this important specialization

The scientific content of the certificate curriculum

The first part

CPA Part1 Financial Accounting and Reporting

The second part

CPA Part2 Audit

The third part

CPA Part3 Business Environment and Concepts

The fourth part

CPA Part4 Regulation 5

We are now preparing the rest of the certificates