General advantages of the system

                           Classification of general benefits into 3 levels, first level, ERP standards - user-provided benefits - management benefits

                           ERP . Standards

1- Allocation standard as ERP standard

Allocating 11 systems to serve all sections and departments of the company

2- Interdepartmental integration work

The idea of integrative work, such as the interrelationship between technical office management and procurement management

3- Regulations and policies of the company's departments

Each department manager is responsible for creating regulations for his department

4- Reducing manual work

The system provides printing as a key factor to reduce manual labor

5- System data security

We provided a babel backup to send a copy of the database to Email - Host - FTP

6- The ability to work online

The system allows you to work online through the browser

7- Search for any information professionally

The general search icon allows you to search for any information entered into the system

                          Management advantages

1- Allocating a system to manage the company

Its role is to provide a set of statistical and oversight analyses

2- Time reports from control tools

Its role is to monitor all system operations related to dates

3- Monitoring the work of the users in the system

Its role is to follow up the operations of any user of any screen in the system

4- Babel Mobile App

Monitor account balances, deviations and time warnings online 

5- Evaluate employee performance

Improving employee performance through monthly evaluation by officials

6- Preparing job tasks

Improving employee performance by describing the work tasks assigned to him

7- Monitoring tool for each administration

Analytical tool for departments such as monitoring accounts, employees, assets, etc.

8- Tools to improve system outputs

Through the Report Generator and Template Generator tool, you can improve the output of the system

                          User Advantages

1- Helpful tools on each screen

Providing adequate scientific material in each screen of the system

2- Supporting the language in the system

Professional and flexible language support and system dictionary provision

3- Communication between employees

Internal chat to receive warnings and refer files between users

4- Data coherence and non-duplication

Once the data is registered for the first time, it is linked with all departments within the company

5- Ease of handling the system

Flexibility in data recording and diversity of input methods

6- The role of excel in the system

There is a screen to import all the data through professional Excel templates

7- Customize the printers

Distributing print loads among users and assigning a printer to each user

8- Communicating with third parties

Send reports and notifications in more than one way Email - Fax - SMS

9- Electronic archive of the system

You can archive images - audio files - video - PDF ... etc. for all system screens

10- System printing solutions

A group of ideas for easy viewing and printing of outputs that serve all users of the system

11- Dealing with checks

Monitoring checks and dealing with them in the system