Accounting software program for contracting companies

(Accounting Program for Contracting Companies (Babel

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What is the overall format of the Babel accounting software screen? 

Each screen in the Babel on program has three icons at the top of 

  • The archive icon (No. 1) enables you to archive the electronic pages of any screen
  • Dictionary icon (No. 2) through which you can translate the screen into any other language (English - French .. etc)
  • The Help Screen Icon (No. 3) Displays A Detailed Video Explanation To Deal With The Screen In Which


?What about how to add data within system screens

We have a consistent method of dealing with the screens in the accounting software companies contracting Babel and the method is fixed in all the screens of the system once dealing with a single screen can handle all the screens of the program once the pressure on a new turn the key to save and clean any data on the screen to receive your input Once you have registered all Data Click Save as shown

Adding data inside the system screens

Video A quick summary of the general structure of the system and the working mechanism and how the various departments are interconnected

Management program of contracting companies

?How to handle printing within the system

Each report in the system has a separate toolbar to print as shown

  • Move between pages (No. 1)
  • Printing  (No. 2)
  • Printer settings  (No. 3)
  • Export the report to (Html - Email - Excel - PDF) Search within the report (No. 4)
  • The system also provides the possibility to create and print barcode items of the system (No. 5)

General Features Of The Accounting Program Contractors Construction Babel

  •  The system of linking the general management of the company with its internal and external branches.
  • Use the current Microsoft SQL Server databases and operating systems.
  •  Ability to view program reports via Word, Excel, PDF or send it via e-mail.
  • Possibility of dealing with the system of separate or related financial years
  • Dealing with more than one cone, each of which has its own accounts.
  •  Possibility to deal in Arabic and English
  • Provide automatic backups of data daily and send them to email or FTB
  • Multi-user and user-specific privileges.

The Advantages Of The Accounting Program Babel

With regard to the program of accounts in the contracting companies in the Babel program for contracting, we will present some of the advantages in terms of financial management

Internal audit and audit tools:

  • Monitor partner accounts
  • Comparison of actual quantities by standard and comparing actual costs with estimate.
  • Review the accounting operations of the company as a whole.
  • Measurement of deviation.
  • Follow up the distribution of premiums between partners.

Books and reports for:-

  • A report showing expenditures and revenues at the level of classification, project or months.
  • Profit or loss report on projects, partners or business items.
  • A detailed explanation of the financial position of projects whether closed or open.
  • Detailed report on the Covenant and how it was disbursed and financed.
  • A report showing the cheques due or payable

For more reports of a contracting accounting program " Click Here "

Means And Tools For Monitoring Both

  1. Company's profits or losses on the project level or business items.
  2. Cheques issued and imported to and from the company to include their numbers and dates of disbursement and entitlement.
  3. The control of employees, the custody of each employee of checks and cash disbursements, how they are disbursed and the credit limit.
  4. A detailed statement of account at the company level annually and the statements for previous years in any currency selected.
  5. Final account includes the following lists: -( List of financial position income - change in equity of the company or region - income statement).
  6. Means of distribution of expenses on the various items of the work of each project to know the expenses, income and profits of each item.
  7. A guide to cost centers, accounting guide and catalog of items.
  8. Complete courses and documents for: (opening entries - settlements - diaries - disbursements - receipts (cash, checks) ).
  9. Make matches for suppliers, contractors and customers.
  10. Methods of reviewing audit balances for more than one angle at the company level as a whole or region level.

For more details on the Babel contracting program regarding the management of accounts in construction companies through the following link the program of general accounts.

Advantages Of Real Estate Marketing Program In Babel Contracting Program 

 :The real estate investment program Babel is divided into two sections 

  1. special for real estate investment 
  2. another section for real estate marketing

 In this section we will talk about the Department of Real Estate Marketing in the accounting program of Babel

 One of the most important features of real estate marketing program

  • Compiling A Database Of Customers' Target Audience And Their Preferences And Purchasing Preferences.

  • Remind Specific Times To Communicate With Customers And Follow Up And The Possibility Of Continuing Interaction With Customers From The Beginning Of Registration And Until The Signing Of Sales Contracts.

  •  And Provide Customer Reports As Follows:

  1. A historical record for each client individually.

  2. The tendencies and wishes of all customers or customers and preferred places of purchase for future purchase.

  3. Targeted advertising means for each customer.

  4. Percentage of interested and non-interested customers.

  5. Percentage of sales achieved for target customers.

  • Reports Analyzing The Success Of The Marketing Campaigns Of The Company And Know The Means Of Advertising The Highest And Least Impact In The Marketing Campaign.

Detailed Video about the real estate marketing program Babel

The most important advantages of real estate investment program Babel

One Of The Advantages Offered By The Real Estate Investment Program Babel To Real Estate Investment Companies In The Arab World

  • Ability To Inquire About Available Or Empty Housing Units And The Possibility Of Previewing Attached Images.
  • Record Data For Units In Detail Whether Buildings Or Schemes
  •  Registration Of Payment Methods Starting From The Payment Of The Contract And Then Completion And Receipt, As Well As The Number Of Installments And The Value Of Each Installment
  • Registration Of Contracts Of Ownership Of Units Showing Premiums, Payments, Date Of Entitlements And Any Other Additions To The Contract.
  • Solutions For How To Rent Residential Units And Follow Up Rents Due For Collection And Insurance Paid.
  • Solutions For How To Distribute Dividends On The Sale Of Units Between Shareholders In A Fair Manner Either In Accordance With The Capital Or On An Agreed Basis
  • Reports On Units, Whether Reserved Or Not.
  • Special Sales Report And Analysis Of The Integrated And Follow-Up Installments Payable.
  • Special System For The Quotas Due To Customers And Distribution To Shareholders.
  • Solutions To The Method Of Receipt Of Installments Payable Either Cash Or Check Or The Possibility Of Receipt Of More Than One Installment At A Time.
  •  Solutions To Apply Early Bonus System And Fine Delay.
  • Special Systems To Deal With Foreign Customers On The Difference Of Cash When Signing Contracts Or Upon Arrest.
  • The Establishment And Control Of Accounting Guidance And Accounting Treatment Of Ownership Contracts At Any Time, Also The Accounting Treatment Of The Cost Of Units And Profits And Payments And The Shareholders' Share Of The Ownership Contract.
  • Dealing With The Management System Of Third Parties In Terms Of Expenses, Commissions And Benefits.
  • Real Estate Investment Statistics Include Sales, Receivables And Non-Receivables, Arrears And Debts.

Advantages of Babel  Contracting Accounting Program (Management of subcontractors)

The objective of managing subcontractors is to monitor the work of the company or institution in the case of outsourcing work to subcontractors and to monitor the completion rates for each contractor and each item of work at the level of the contractor or project as a whole.

One of the most important features of the management of subcontractors in the accounting program Babel Contracting:-

  • Establishing contractor contracts with prices, quantities, payment methods and fines.
  • Monitoring the implemented and non-implemented extracts and ensuring the works and payments made to the contractor  
  • Monitoring and comparing the executed quantities with contract quantities and completion rates
  • Control of materials discharged from stores or purchased directly to the contractor
  • Monitoring the payments made to the subcontractor whether cash, materials or equipment leased to the contractor
  • Monitoring the contractor's dues and payments at the project or extractor level

To read more about the management of subcontractors in the accounting program Babel Contracting 2019

I leave you now with a practical explanation of the life cycle of a construction project from the beginning to the delivery of the project

The life cycle of a contracting project is practical on the Babylon contracting program from the beginning to the delivery of the project

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