?What you should know about cheques, their types and methods of formulating them in order for it to be legal

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Types of cheques
Cheques cashing dates
The provisions of underlining the cheque
Cases of stopping the cheque
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What are the cheque elements
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How to print a cheque from a word file
The difference between a fraudulent and valid cheque

Types of checks

Bank check - Bank draft - Certified check - Written check - Lined check

Bank cheque:

Drawn from the cheque book given to a customer from the bank

Bank Draft:

A bank draft is a check that the bank draws on itself for the benefit of a beneficiary as a request for a customer in exchange for a specific commission

The customer submits to the bank an application to obtain a bank check, and the bank deducts the value from his account and sets it aside in his own account and issues the check in favor of the beneficiary, drawn upon himself

The certified cheque:

A certified cheque is a cheque approved by the bank to be accepted for payment in favor of the beneficiary as a request for a customer in exchange for a specific commission

The customer submits to the bank an application to obtain a certified cheque, and the bank deducts the value from an account and sets it aside in his own account and approves a cheque drawn from the customer’s cheque book for the benefit of the beneficiary, which was previously called an accepted cheque

Written cheque:

 It is a check that is sold in an empty book that is purchased from the libraries and on which is written the name of the bank from which it is intended to be disbursed. Dealing with this type of checks has been canceled after activating the provisions of the check in the new trade law. Canceled 

Underlined cheque :

They are regular cheques that are distinguished by being placed on the face of the cheque by the drawer or bearer of two parallel lines without requiring a specific direction for these two lines

General domination:

It is he who leaves the space between the two parallel lines on a white line, or writes between the two lines (without specifying) the word “bank”. The drawer may only pay the value of the cheque

Private line:

It is the one in which the name of a particular bank is mentioned between the two lines, and it is not permissible for the drawee to pay the cheque except to your aforementioned bank between the two lines, and it is permissible for you to write it between the two lines

General provisions in lining

. It is permissible to convert the general letter to a private statement by stating the name of the bank between the two lines-

.As for the special lining, it is not permissible to convert it into a general line-

It is not permissible to write off the underline or the name of the bank mentioned between the two lines. If this happens, it is considered as if it was-

 .not and the lining remains in its state to achieve its purpose 

. It is not permissible for the bank to receive a crossed cheque to pay its value except from one of its customers or from another bank-

. The bank is not permitted to collect the value of this cheque for the account of persons other than the bank’s customers-

The scheduled dates for cashing the check

If the cheque is presented for fulfillment before the day indicated on it as the date of its issue, it must be paid on the day of its presentation, except for

Governmental cheques

Underlined cheques

Cheques that are dated until 10/30/2020 are not due for payment except on the date indicated on them as the issuance date

A cheque drawn in Egypt and payable in Egypt must be presented for payment within 6 months from the date of its issuance

A cheque drawn in any country outside Egypt and payable in Egypt must be presented for payment within 8 months from the date of its issuance

The case of crowded cheques "issuing more than one cheque"

It may happen that the beneficiary submits several cheques for collection at one time, and the consideration of the fulfillment is not sufficient to pay them, i.e. the amount is not sufficient to pay all 

: cheques in this case, the following is taken into consideration

.The order of their issuance dates from oldest to most recent

.If it was issued from one book and bears one date, then the previous cheque is considered a number issued before others

  .If it was issued from different books, the cheque of lesser value must be repaid first, and so on

Cases of stopping checks and not cashing them:

Objection to withdrawing the value of the cheque In some cases, the customer or beneficiary is required to stop cashing a cheque issued from the first in favor of the second.

There are multiple reasons for stopping the cashing ??

If it is on the part of the customer (the drawer), then the reason is usually for a dispute that arose between him and the beneficiary after the cheque was issued.

If it is on the part of the beneficiary, then the reason is usually because the cheque delivered to him from the customer was lost before it was presented for exchange.

What should be done by the bank ??

As soon as the bank receives a request to stop cashing a check, it must confirm receipt of the request by the time and date

 An assurance is made that the check is not cashed immediately

In case the cheque is lost, a report must be drawn up at the police department and a copy of it must be attached to the suspension request

Upon stopping the exchange, the bank must become a fair judgment between both the customer and the beneficiary

And he must immediately set aside the consideration for the cheque with this cheque in a separate account until the dispute is settled or the situation between them is settled either by consent or by judgment.

When does the bank refrain from cashing a cheque?

*If the cheque has any apparent defects (torn - written in an unreadable form - written in unclear ink)

*If the cheque has defects in its appearances.

*If the data are distorted in a way that differs from the original data

*If the cheque is not subject to endorsement and it was presented by another beneficiary

*If the cheque is deficient, a mandatory and un-dated statement

*If the cheque is missing it, write the amount in letters and numbers.

What are the cases of rejection of the cheque from the bank?
The cheque is rejected by the drawee bank for these reasons:

-The drawer does not have an account for our party

-The signature does not match

-Our account is closed

-The cheque is hung on a condition

 -Insufficient balance and the recipient's refusal of the partial payment

-The lack of a balance

-The cheque is crossed and there is no balance

-The cheque loses one of the legal pillars necessary for its validity

-The cheque is challenged and the value is spared.

What are the cheque elements?


He is the account holder who gives an order to the bank to pay a specified amount and signs the cheque.


It is the bank that pays the cheque amount from its current account.


He is the person who wrote the cheque in favor of him.

What is the look of the cheque in the National Bank of Egypt?

What is the look of the cheque in Banque Misr?

What is the look of the cheque in Banque du Caire?

What is the look of the cheque in the Commercial International Bank "CIB"

What is the look of the cheque in the Arab African Bank?

Some advice when receiving the cheque book 

Once the cheque book is received from the bank, the book contains 25 cheques serialized from ... ... to ... the book is delivered to the user responsible for the cheques.

At the end of each book, there is a cheque book request form, in which the data is recorded and signed by the authorized person and sent to the bank as shown in the picture.

The date must be written correctly because the bank does not cash the cheque unless there is a date

 The amount is written and the right and left of the amount are closed with a # sign, to prevent tampering with the number or the written amount, as shown in the following video.


The amount is correctly subtracted with the mention of the currency, such as only sixty-five thousand Egyptian pounds, or a Saudi riyal or any other currency.

 If a cancellation or amendment occurred in writing one of the cheque data, it must be signed alongside the cancellation or amendment.

 If there is a desire to cash the cheque to the first beneficiary, it is stamped with a cathedral that is paid to the first beneficiary

  Just .

Can I print the cheque directly from a word file?

Yes, you can print the cheque from a word file, to prevent spelling mistakes and ease of reading. Watch the following video, explaining how to print the cheque. 

How do I know the correct cheque from The fraudulent cheque?

I will tell you some advice through which you can differentiate between a valid check from the bank and a forged check

Check edges:

Most sound bank checks have rough edges and sometimes perforated ones. If the sides of the check are smooth, it is possible that this check was printed from a computer.

Bank Logo:

Make sure that the logo of the bank on the check is identical to the logo of the bank on the check. You can check it on the bank’s official website.

check number :

Any check outside the bank will have a number that will most likely be at the top right of the check. If the check does not have this number, make sure that the check is forged.

Feel the paper:

The checks are usually printed by banks on thick, sturdy paper. Rub the paper with your fingers, note the thickness of the paper, and bend a time or two if it is forged - this will be very clear

printing :

Be careful if there is a trace of scanning or modification on the check, or the print is shaky, or anything out of the ordinary in the signature or appears printed

Sources :

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