5 reasons to prove that the customer is always not right

The phrase "Customer is always right" was formulated in 1909 by Harry Gordon Salford, the founder of the Silverridge shop in London. This phrase is usually used by companies to convince customers that they will get excellent service at this company and convince employees to do their best to serve customers. However, I think that companies should dispense with this phrase, because it is one of the main reasons for poor customer service, I will address the 5 reasons why we find the results of this statement bad 

This phrase makes the staff miserable

Gordon Beaton is a businessman, best known for turning Continental Airlines from the worst to the first

. The story that was said in his book "The Same Address" in 1998, he said he wanted to be sure that both customers and employees were satisfied with the way they treat them Continental, so it made it clear that the words                              "customer Always right " does not have much influence in Continental and in the event there is a dispute between employees and customers often next to the staff, said in writing Our loyalty to our employees is the one who works on building the company every day, and once you buy the ticket from us this does not give you the right to abuse our employees. We deal with more than 3 million people through our bookings each month, one or two of these
They will be bad and treat employees badly so when you have the choice between supporting your employees who work with you every day and make your company as it is now or be with some of the fools who get angry with you
Reason and they demand a free ticket to Paris !!! With which side would you be?

You can not treat your employees as clerks or slaves, you should respect and respect them, even if they think your employees will not support them if the customer gets out of control, even from the smallest problem
Beaton always trusts his staff more than his customers, but reasonably, I like the way he balances employees and customers and proves that the phrase "customer is always right" is wrong.

Of course there are bad models of employees who provide bad service to customers but this is an attempt to prove that "the customer is always right" is counterproductive.

Bad customers are given an unfair advantage


Using the slogan "Customer is always right," bad customers can claim anything. Are not they always right by definition? This makes staff work much harder too. This means that bad customers can get better treatment than decent people. It seems to me that this is wrong.

Some customers are bad at dealing

Most companies believe that "the greater the number of customers the better." But some customers are simply bad for the company.

Danish IT Service Provider Service Gruppen says

We sent one of our technicians to the customer's site for the maintenance job. He was shocked when he worked in a rude and bad manner by the customer. When he returned from his job he went to the department and told them what happened to him. Just like what Kelleher rejected an angry lady's complaint used to complain, but somehow discovered that she was only traveling on Southwest's "Kelleher airline", he noted that it was not a financial accounting question or a matter of reaping or earning money but rather a matter of respect and dignity of staff and dignity Company

Give Worse Results To Customer Service

Travel agency "Rosenblut" was sold to American Express Company and developed for the better. CEO Hull Rosenblut wrote to American Express book called Put the customer in the second place put the employee in the first place "and watched them take you to the front"

Rosenblut says when you put employees first they will put customers first and they will be happy and happy staff at work provide the best customer service because they will be more interested in other people, including customers Have energy.

They are happy and that means they will enjoy talking and interacting with customers More enthusiastic On the other hand, when the company and management are constantly biased in the customer class rather than the employees, they send a clear message of its meaning:-

The staff is not worth them Customer treatment of employees is not important Employees have no right to be respected by customers When this situation prevails, employees will stop caring about customer service. At this point, good customer service is almost impossible. There is hope that good customers will be treated well but of course they will be counterfeit in other words polite treatment on the surface only

Some customers make a mistake

Chief Executive Officer of "Southwest Airline" Herb Kehler agrees on this point, this section of the excellent book speaks about the company's approach Herb Kehler made it clear that his employees were coming in the first place even if that meant rejecting the customer

Is not the customer always right?

They do not, "says Keehler" I think that applying this phrase is one of the biggest betrayals of the boss to his employees. The customer makes mistakes sometimes. We do not tolerate this kind of customer. When someone abuses our employees, we say to our employees: Serve someone else. We do not serve those who offend our employees.

In fact, some customers are very bad, and companies are better off without them, and if the manager sided with the customer under any circumstances .. will have a negative impact on the employee and this leads to a worse service to customers. So the companies that put their employees in the first place and Ciro employees are putting customers first.

Copied From : The wisdom of an old man