We will explain the simplest ways to learn archiving documents in practice

Learn to archive documents in a practical way


What is the simplest way to save my documents in practice?

Through the attached article we will explain the cash disbursement bond as an example of an accounting cycle starting from the establishment of the bond and completing the legal form of the bond and then archiving it and how to refer to it

The subject of supervision is very important. Each accountant must take care of it and improve it because it reflects the impression of the professionalism of the accountant in his work. In addition, it  Helps  you to access the information quickly and easily.

The documentary course:-

 is a (cash receipt note - cash money - check receipt - check payment - general settlement bond - subordination deed - general daily registration)

The general form of the cash disbursement bond

What are the conditions that must be met in the general form of the cash disbursement bond?

  1. Contains a header and footer for Company
  2. The exchange notes must be numbered in a serial beginning from and to
  3. Required signatures must be available from the recipient of the # Accounting # Audit # Credit
  4. Observation of the bond sequence Note from the attached figure that the Bond number B00011 means that there are 10 cash notes issued to date

What do you do if you cancel a bond for any circumstance?

The original document is brought and written with a red line and signed by the person responsible

What steps should be taken to make a payment of $ 100,000 to a contractor?

1- The accountant shall pay the amount on the basis of a disbursement order from the competent authority and deliver the amount to the company or the representative and sign it by receipt

2- Checking the required bond attachments is very important for the auditor to review

  • Internal Exchange Order from the responsible authority
  • A receipt from the receiving party
  • A copy of the card or identity of the recipient
  • Authorization of the company to the representative to receive the amount
  • If the payment is intended for specific works, a copy of the business invoice shall be attached

3- The accountant shall write the number of attachments on the face of the cash voucher and send it to the auditing accountantThe audited accountant prepares the accounting guidance for the bond and confirms the attachments.

 The debtor party is the subcontractors - Bonyan Company for general contracting works

 The credit party is the cash in the fund - the main fund of the questions library There are many accounting instructions for contracting accounting

5- Sending the bond with the attachments to the financial manager or the authority that approves the bond shall review and sign in a dependent box

6- Registration of the bond in the relevant Journal and Ledger

7-Submit the document to the archive of accounts to archive the bond with attachments

How to save the document inside the archive?

In the archive files are made for each type of bonds serialized according to the bonds There are files called the exchange rate bonds within bonds of serial number B00001 to B00010 as the example The current bond B00011 is placed inside the file when the file is filled with money exchange notes are written from abroad bonds cash exchange From B00001 to B00011 and open a new file from B00012 to ....

What are the steps used to access attachments inside the archive?

Assuming there is a difference on the receipt of the cash disbursement bond amount of 100,000 with the contractor

1- We print a statement of account for the contractor Bonyan for contracting works as described and the sum of the amount we will find that the amount is registered with cash voucher number B00011

2- Go to the section of cash exchange bonds and search for the file written on the outside of the bond number and extraction and take a copy of the attachments and delivery to the competent authority

3- Upon delivery of the original bond with its attachments, the form of receipt of the attachments shall be left in the place of the bond sequence with the file signed by the person who received the bond, the number of attachments and the cancellation of the form after returning the bond with its attachments

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