Golden rules for personal interviews, the most prominent rules of successful job interviews

Golden tips for interview

To Do Before You Go Into A Personal Interview ???

  1. Sit calm for five minutes
  2. Practice mentally to see yourself doing these things
  3. When your mind imagines it, your body will be able to execute it

Studies have shown a correlation between  The extent of admiration of the interviewer and the First impression Which the applicant left  , so Studies have confirmed that 90% of HR Make his decision In about 4 minutes in the interview,  just between 60% _ 80% who left a Non-verbal effect

What are the golden rules for making an excellent first impression in the interview?

1-The way you access the office Tell others how you expect your treatment to go towards the door without hesitation. Keep the same speed ,  As people who lack confidence change their pace even if only slightly if the interviewer who is talking on the phone or looking at one of the drawers then proceed confidently shook hands and quietly sat down because the people walking slowly, sending a message that they were not interested or had nothing else to do

2-Handshake ( Make your hand straight and press the other person's hand as much as the other person decides when to finish the handshake)

3-carry a small bag  (the bag Which has a digital lock Carried by important people who care about the results and who carry the huge bag packed with papers are seen as unorganized) 

4-If you have to sit on a low chair,( sit on the edge of the sofa, rotate the chair or rotate your body at a 45 degree angle to avoid looking like someone who is reprimandingRespect the personal space of the other person Use the other person's name twice in the first 15 seconds and do not talk for more than 30 seconds at a time)

5-The power of words Use words of strength where research has been conducted and found that the most powerful and convincing words are discovery - assurance - experimenter - results - savings - easy - health - money – safety

6- The exit When you go out Gather your papers, Your tools quietly and without confusion or tension and shaking hands with the other person if possible and turn towards the door and if the door is closed when you entered closed behind you always watching you from the back when you leave, be careful to polish the back of your shoes when you reach the door turn slowly Smiled to the other person remember Your face i*s bright

Choose the right place to sit When interviewing the person sitting in the chair E

Anywhere you decide to sit A - B - C - D in the following cases

  1. When interviewing
  2.  When playing chess
  3. When you help solve crosswords
  4. When you are in a library and want to avoid inconvenience

The place to sit is ?

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