Wherever you decide to sit in the following cases

Wherever you decide to sit in the following cases

( Position a

is most appropriate when conducting a personal interview where the angle position is called.this mode is used by people who engage in a friendly conversation, a position that allows good communicati with the eye, a place that reduces tension and increase the achievement of positive results

  ( Position B )

 is most appropriate when playing chess where it is called the place of competition where rivals face each other and it is a competitive position but in social situations it is a conversation mode like sitting in a restaurant but in the work either competing or reproaching each other

( Position C )

 is the most appropriate when you are in a library and do not want to bother where it is called the place of independence. People like this situation when they do not want to deal with others. This is a common situation among strangers in public places such as libraries and restaurants, and the message conveyed by this situation is indifference and may explain indifference Avoid this situation altogether if your goal is to have a frank discussion with others

( position D )

 is the most appropriate when you help solve crosswords where co-operation is called when two people think in a similar way or work together to accomplish a task that is instinctive when a person is asked to work with someone else and is the best situation to present your case and gain support for it