Does ُEmployees Petty Cash cause you discomfort ?

Does employees' reign cause you discomfort?

In the contracting companies, the custodian of the site is transferred to settle and settle it 

every period, but there are excesses from the accumulation of custody balances. # Delay in 

settlement#   Exemption from unauthorized employees and payments to contractors and 

suppliers. How to control such violations?

3 key things you should do to monitor the employees' reign in your company

1 - a credit limit for each custodian not exceeding it

2 - Analysis of settlement of guarantees and how to spend them

3 - Analysis of funding sources and sources of custody

-Babel system provides you with a set of reports to monitor the employees' era of 

disbursement, settlement and credit limit for each custodian

-Babel system provides you analysis of custody adjustments as shown in the attached report

 has been analyzed settlement of the custody of a good engineer

-Is the company policy allows the custodian to spend on specific accounts and projects or not

 the report shows us the answer

Note from the form that the custody of another employee was disbursed to a supplier and

 several projects have been disbursed custody

Hassan Fathy Settlement Analysis Report

Assuming you need more details, specify the employee's name and the name of the supplier 

and the expenses expended on the projects

Detailed analysis of the custody of Hassan Fathy

Note from the figure above that the expenses are contractors' works, concrete work, iron 

reinforcement, building materials and miscellaneous expenses

Assuming you need to know the amounts spent on the project of iron and armaments 

building materials price, quantity and value Babylon program provides you with the answer to

 the question and control the quantities spent on the project through

Warehouse control system

If you are in need, you know the reign of Engineer Hassan. How it was financed. The report 

below shows you the funding of the Custodian. If you look at the report, you will receive 

funding from the Fund $ 7000, National Commercial Bank $ 7500, and Saudi American $ 

25,000 during the specified period

                                       Hassan Fathy Financing Analysis Report           


If I asked you how you can monitor the credit limit, you can see from the previous report that

 the total paid deposit was $ 39,500

A 17037 remaining balance has been settled for Engineer Hassan $ 22,463

In the Employees' ID card, you are recorded in a credit statement stating that the credit limit 

is $ 50,000

babel system does not allow you to make a deposit either in cash or by check, which makes 

the balance of the balance

exceeding this amount available to the Engineer, up to a maximum of 27537


Thus, you as a company manager or financial director can make a policy of the era of

 disbursement and settlement and credit unit and leave babel program is a cycle of control 

and follow-up

Learn about the life cycle of employees reign

A practical situation in dealing with the era of employees

On the date of 10-5-2017 Treasury employee Mahmoud Hammoudi made a cash voucher in 

the amount of 8000 pounds for the employee Karim custody and the following day the 

employee presented a certificate of disclosure of the pledge and the following attachments

2000 Batch of the Carpentry Contractor Haridi Abu Hadhd

2500 pounds for the batch of the armed blacksmith Ibrahim Abu Haddah

LE 2400 Purchase of cement for the project of excavation according to the attached invoice

LE 500 Publications and stationery for the construction project

300 pounds advance for the guard site Issam       

Is it necessary to reach the balance of the employee's custody Karim according to "the 

accounting guidance for disbursement and settlement?

Transfer of reign to employee

This is done through the Treasury employee to make a cash exchange certificate signed by the

 employee receiving the certificate in the payment voucher is determined amount disbursed

 and the method of payment in cash or check and the bank drawn on the check in the case

 of payment of check as a pledge to the employee

The accounting guidance for this process is as follows

8000 h / staff era – cream

             8000                  to H / cash in Treasury - the main treasury

Settlement of the employee's custody

The employee shall submit the following documents on the discharge of the pledge, such as 

the presentation of a settlement

settlement, attached to it, for the contractors, for example, in the case of disbursements to 

the contractors and the purchase

invoices. The accounting guidance for the settlement of the covenant shall be as follows

2000 from the account / subcontractors - contractor Haridi

2500 from the account / contractors subcontractor - contractor Ibrahim

2400 of the account / expenses of projects - Cement - project of the

500 of the account / project expenses - publications - administrative building

300 of the account / employee advances - the guard Essam

                7700 to account / entrusted employees – cream

Explanation of the limitation proving the settlement of the era of Karim according to the attached documents

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