General skills required by the labor market, You can get a job

General skills required by the labor market

Ten Skills

Employment Advertisements Often Require Specific Skills Needed By The Employer And Where These Skills Are Based Mainly On The Nature Of The Job And Its Activities    

Communication skills with other

The ability to communicate with the work team and with customers through various means, either through e-mail or direct meeting is one of the most important skills required in the labor market currently and these skills are important to a large extent for employers, so it became necessary for every job seeker to develop Of his communication skills and especially related to the modern communication in the use of (Social Media) where social networking sites at present is one of the most important means of advertising for various companies

 Ability to learn and gain new experiences

You should strive to acquire new skills, ask questions to your manager and colleagues at work, conduct research on your business and keep abreast of the latest developments. The desire to learn is a key feature that employers look for in job seekers, and you can develop your learning skill

  • The practice of new hobbies where the new hobby requires learning new skills certainly which will make you more motivated to learn- more
  • Registration in new courses or courses via the Internet-
  • Specialize part of your time to research and read in your field and topics that interest you. Reading is the best way to learn continuously

 Flexibility and ability to manage priorities 

In today's labor market it is very necessary to be flexible and adapt to all changes. You have to adapt and adapt to the labor market at all times, and use your day effectively by preparing a list tasks you are required to do today

 Personal skills

That is, the ability to communicate with your manager and colleagues at work and everyone you deal with in the workplace. In fact, we spend most of our time at work so it is best to have good relations with all employees and deal with them gently and tactfully and your aspiration to work in this profession is your love for her and not just for raising money Just take the most effort and take advantage of all the possibilities available
 :There are a range of tips you can develop your skills and abilities

  •  The skill of learning must be the first skill developed and developed is the skill of learning because it helps you to develop significantly the rest of the other skills
  •  Make sure you have a role model where there is a good role model and the same profession that you want to work
  •  Set a goal and try to reach him have a goal to develop and develop your skills and abilities to different degree to help you develop your skills

Ability to analyze and scientific research
Evaluating profits, revenues and costs in addition to analyzing consumer behavior, high and low demand for goods and finding the required information accurately and quickly is one of the most basic skills that every employer aspires to possess the ability to distinguish the right and wrong decisions in your field, analyze it to react appropriately

 Ability to plan and organize successfully and effectively

You should have the ability to organize and meet the deadlines. Your planning and organizing skills will greatly help you enhance your professionalism and progress in your career by being able to plan your work problems and work perfectly           Your time effectively can develop your planning and organization skills by

  • Organize your time with a focus on work, study and family and put a few extra hours during the organization of your diary used as backup hours
  •  Read a book about time management to learn more about how to manage your time better
  • Organizing social events and trips helps you plan and organize

Enjoy knowledge about different cultures

It is very necessary these days to enjoy extensive knowledge about other cultures and races. In fact, employers look for people who can adapt to different cultures and nationalities and deal fairly and equally with all people.

 Work effectively within a team

You should work with others, whether they are your colleagues or your company's clients, and work effectively with your team. It is very important to contribute effectively to all the projects of your team. Employers are very interested in how you interact and interact with your team members.Your communication and teamwork skills

  • Join existing clubs in your area
  • Find ways to help you communicate with your colleagues more effectively

 Enjoy the skills of dealing to solve problems and crises

 Means the ability to find solutions to the problems that you face during work and can develop your abilities in solving problems through 

  • Read about people who have created solutions to problems you have encountered before
  •  Participate in specialized training courses in solving problems and dealing with the crises facing the company

Employers in the region are looking for creative people who think in a unique and innovative way. Creative skills have emerged as one of the most demanding skills of employers in 2015


Mastering More Than One Language 

English is the language used to communicate in many companies in the Arab world. Good communication skills in both Arabic and English are the most important features that most companies are looking for. The ability to deal with different nationalities and adapt to the habits and traditions of cultures is indispensable. In the field of multi-national companies and more than one language helps you communicate with customers more effectively