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Babel for accounting and construction companies management

Practical cases cost Eng/Fathi a lot of money and time in manage his company

Listen to the video and know our goal

In Engineer Hassan's company,it was the policy of exchange policy on projects through the staff custody, it was noted that  the custodian was taking custody of projects other than the projects allocated to him and the disbursement of advances to employees and payments to suppliers and contractors, knowing that he is charged with disbursement on specific projects 

 Version 2017 of Babel program  allows you to set a credit limit for employee custody, the system doesn't allow any user to spend any amounts to the custodian beyond the credit limit

 See are the employees custody causing you trouble

Eng/ Hassan; Because of poor planning and he is implementing the project of establishing a school and at the last stage of delivery, he installed the doors and windows Alometal surprised that the alometal factory will finish the order after          6 months because the procurement department has a work late and a solution from the two countries either pay a delay or pay the cost of an increase of the factory against time pressure and in all cases lost money

Babel's 2017 release allows you to link procurement management with project management, contract preparation with suppliers and penalty clauses for delivery on time

Engineer Hassan approved a supply order for a supplier to supply cement to the project and the supplier supplied the required quantity but returned before the scheduled date of use. The result was that the cement was exposed to moisture and the amount of 10 tons and the area of the store is small on the quantity was distributed to more than one place inside the site. All say it destiney

 Babel's 2017 releaseallows you to issue orders according to a project schedule with the delivery date, quantity and delivery location

 Engineer Hassan due to lack of linkage between procurement management and project management; The site engineer repeated an order to buy 8 tons of iron twice inadvertently and the storekeeper disbursed the order quantity was $ 51,70

The 2017 version of the Babel program has been working in an option that does not exceed the quantities approved for project management

Engineer Hassan was in one of the tenders project for the establishment of a school and had a similar project implemented by the company of 3 years asked the financial department to analyze the expenses and quantities of materials that went on the project and could not get information because the accounts are running manual and Excel and the accountant who was holding the job in this period left Labor, and could not enter the tender because of the lack of information in a timely manner

The version 2017 release  provides analytical reports for any project, decentralized work with an employee and archiving documents

Engineer Hassan was the owner of bank facilities to cover the  guarantee letters from the National Bank, and was issued a tender and when the final letter of guarantee was provided the limits of funding for the bank does not allow forced to cover the guarantee by 100%, otherwise the cost of commissions and bank expenses and was in 3 projects were delivered final The letters of guarantee were not released

Version 2017 Babel program   contains warning reports to release guarantees for completed projects

Engineer Hassan reviewed the ministry in the extracts raised and was surprised that extracts 4 and 6, which have been lifted from two years and was the only parts of them. The complete extracts were obtained. Imagine if the amount was collected on time would save the company sum of money

Version 2017 of Babel provides reports to follow up the extracts collected and non-outcome of the number issued and the date of upload

Engineer Hassan contracted with a subcontractor to work on several projects at different prices from one project to another. When preparing the executed abstracts for the contractor, the accountant priced the contract for the same contractor. The price difference between the two contracts was a large sum,

Version 2017 of Babel provides a report of the contractor's entitlements for each project and linking the contract of the contractor with the extracts and accounting guidance of the extract according to the items

 Engineer Hassan has always had a lot of problems with the employees at the company. He had employees of different nationalities. He has a clear system for following up the annual leaves of workers, stays and work permits. One day, 5 workers were surprised to find their work and the same delay. Air tickets are reserved and alternative is not provided in addition to non-provision of labor entitlements

The 2017 version of Babel provides a system to prepare and monitor annual vacations and follow-up stays and licenses

 Engineer Hassan had a working labor in the production system and the labor office was not recognized except for a salary and a work contract and he had a group of paints consisting of 3 industrial and 5 workers. The end of each month was measured by the work and paid to the supervisor and the supervisor distributed the amount between the workers and the distribution was according to the personal mood of the supervisor and the workers Complained at the Labor Office, knowing that their production status was better than the salary

Version 2017 of Babel  has a system to manage the production workers of contracts and abstracts and control the disbursement of salaries according to skill and working days

Engineer Hassan had a project to install elevators in the Ministry of Awqaf and the terms of the contract to ensure the installation for a period of 6 months from the date of delivery and after the warranty period is signed maintenance contract monthly installment of $ 2000 and the project was handed over and did not pay attention to one of the warranty period Spare for a year lost a large amount because it is not a supervisory report shows the information

Version 2017 of Babel   added a specialized system for maintenance and operation of the management of contracts of installation, measurements and maintenance and periodic visits and emergency

Eng/Hassan decided to work in the field of real estate investment and equipped a professional marketing team in addition to advertising campaigns. The team appeared to market residential and land units and the target customers exceeded 40 thousand customers were contacted with them and at the end of the first year found that the sales percentage does not exceed one quarter of the target size. The cost of staff salaries, communications and campaigns was enormous

Version 2017 of Babel added the system of real estate marketing and through it can analyze the performance of marketing and sales men and purchasing tendencies of customers of the product real estate

Engineer Hassan had in the management of real estate investment installments and payments already earned and exceeded the date of collection did not notice the management of investment to inform customers to pay the value of installments and of course you know the cost of non-collection of these amounts cost the company the amount of

Version 2017 of Babel Added the screen of the control of installments and payments and the operation of early bonus and fine delay and the addition of processing system of the union of owners and shareholders

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