Abu-Taleb Integrated Contracting

Abu Talib Integrated Contracting Company

 Our mission is a wide range of activities:-

  • Ease of service of water and sewerage
  • desired water quality
  •  improve operations
  • increase customer satisfaction 
  • enhance the financial situation
  •  implementation of the financial management system.

The Company projects in various fields:-

1- Projects of the 10th of Ramadan City - Projects of my Build your house on 10th of Ramadan.

  • The remaining works of irrigation, nutrition and regression networks in the 10th district.
  • The main water feeding network.

2 - Projects of the roads of Build Your House  on 10th of Ramadan

  • Settlement of dirt roads, parking spaces and land plots ..
  • Projects of lifting stations 3 and 4 and expulsion lines and decline on the 10th of Ramadan

3 - Projects of the main irrigation network on wastewater treated in el-shrouq city

  • Water supply line from the water stations of the transit to El-Shrouq City 
  • Design and implementation of the lift station in el-shroq and water supply line for the city of Badr

4- Projects of Suez, Sarbium Fayed and Salihia

  • The double road of Al-Qantara Al-Salhiya with a length of 30 km
  • Digging, filling and replacement by double Qantara Salhiya.

5- Sohag Governorate Projects

  • Sewage network project for some villages in Juhayna center.
  • Supply and installation of the regression lines for the village of Anibis.