Al-Tawheed For General Contracting

al-Tawheed For General Contracting 

Al-Tawheed is considered one of the major contracting companies that won a great position in the Arab Republic of Egypt and which competes with its outstanding performance global construction companies thanks to its global experience in the field of major construction projects, universities, hospitals, public buildings and housing

It is an extension of ten years of experience in the field of contracting and ready-mixed concrete

The company has implemented mega projects, through the use of the latest technical and technical methods in building and construction works, and the company is distinguished in architectural finishes of a distinctive nature, technically and aesthetically.

Al-Tawheed For General Contracting  Is One Of The Clients Of Babel Software Company Which Works On Babel Software For Accounting And Management Of Contracting Companies

the most important projects of the company

Faculty of Law, Ain Shams UniversityRas El Bar Hospital
Hotel secondary schoolMazaya Tower