Angels For Contracting

Angels For Contracting

Our Company Has Been In The Market For Almost 20 Years Now. Specializing In:-

  •  Designs
  •  Room Allocations
  • Re-Situating Areas 
  •  Full Remolding Of Homes, Villas, Offices, Shops & Show Rooms.

Conceptally ANGLES Believes That The Area Owner Has To Be The Main Creator Of His / Her Own Space. We Are Just Their Main Mentor And Consultants.This Is Our Philosophy, So Accordingly We Move Into Each Phase Step By Step With Our Clients To Finalize The Projects Up To Standard & Hopefully Exceeding Our Clients' Expectations.


1- Design Services :-

"ANGLES" Is A PIONEER Enterprise For Interior Design And Decoration. We Have Been In The Market For Almost 20 Years Now With A Joyful And Reputable Name.

2- Master Planning :-

Our Overall AIM In Any Project That We Handle Is To Carry-On One Homogeneous Plan Completely Professional And Fully Satisfying To Our Client On The Long-Run.

3- Project Management :-

"ANGLES" Provides Various And Diversified Types Of Services Integrated Or Itemized:

  • Master Design 
  • Detailed Engineering Design 
  • Room By Room Decoration 
  • Bill Of Quantities 
  • Cost And Budget Analysis 
  • Time Scheduling 
  • Purchases List And Guidance 
  • Project Management 
  • Project Delivery 

4-Scope Of Work :-

Among Our Aspects Of Work And Scope Of Detailed Job-Tasking And Listing Are The Following:

  • Feasibility Studies 
  • Site Analysis & Selection 
  • Site Needs Analysis 
  • Space Planning And Allocation 
  • 3D Modeling And Real-Life Rendering