Atheer Al-Nahda Contracting

Al Atheer International Co. Ltd

is one of the most distinguished national companies that have followed well thought out policies since the company's inception in 2002. These policies were based on scientific principles and realistic solutions. The company has been characterized by an ambitious and growing ambition to achieve great achievements, It aims to achieve the overall leadership 

in the general contracting sector, which leads to the need to maintain the distinctive footprint in the management and implementation of important projects and major, which is reflected in the volume of projects that have been completed during the past years.To implement a large number of projects using the latest technologies Maiya and the highest specifications and requirements in terms of quality, certified so full and high qualification work team dedicated to follow up the application of quality standards. The company applies a comprehensive quality system in its implementation of all works.

Our Services:-

1- Contracting

Construction and real estate together form the solid core of operations of Atheer International Limited. The company as a contracting company is classified from Leading companies qualify them to engage in any major projects across Saudi Arabia.

Our exceptional position in the market comes as a result of:-

  • long and focused planning for the development and acquisition of multidisciplinary expertise of stature and character international.
  •  There are no restrictions on the scope of work undertaken by Al-Atheer International Limited in the field of contracting Many projects. 
  • Our experienced team performs services for the development of building design, construction management, supervision and consulting the design.

Our multiple contracting services are cleverly integrated to meet the choices and requirements of our agents, from the smallest to the enterprise Multidisciplinary.

2-Interior design

Atheer International Limited offers its customers solutions for innovative and creative designs to the highest standards. Interior design is the art of dealing With internal spaces to find the right atmosphere for the vacuum and achieve psychological comfort through the distribution and employment of interior design elements, which include:-

  •  Color 
  • furniture
  •  light
  •  shape 
  • vacuum 
  • raw materials 
  •  plastic work 
  •  building materials

 We also help to create an internal environment suitable for all sectors of society, to reflect the holistic concept of interior design of While dealing with the basic elements of different buildings (architectural, structural, interior design, furniture, etc.).

Our goal

 is to employ the idea to fill in the inner space of what space serves, so that it is attractive, flexible and also compatible with architecture.Our projects have become vivid examples that embody ingenuity and beauty in practical requirements and create an atmosphere of harmony and creativity in line with the expectations of our customers, to set upThus achieving standards of excellence and excellence in the world of the implementation of design work and interior equipment.

3- Project Management

The project is defined as a set of activities that are applied to achieve specific objectives in a specific time period, at Atheer International We strive to lead a project from its inception through its implementation to its completion.                                                     The management of any project has three main aspects:-

  • objectives Results
  • resources
  • procedures and processes

Most projects, regardless of size and type, require a certain degree of coordination in order to proceed successful.There are many aspects of good project:-

  •  management project scope management
  • quality
  •  time
  • cost 
  • risk
  •  human resources
  •  procurement and communications 

Atheer International's project managers also use methods that combine project management elements at each stage of the project life cycle.

4-Restaurants Chain

Al Atheer International Co. Ltd. manages a series of Arabic, Eastern and Western restaurants from Medina and spread throughout the Kingdom Saudi Arabia, in order to satisfy all tastes and diverse categories.