Bonian For Const Investment

Bonian Real Estate Investment Co. (Sahba Tourism)

is one of the fastest growing companies in the field of travel and tourism in Egypt, where the company was established for a long time license No 1865 of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, a tourist company

Activities of Sahba Tourism Company

  • Religious tourism The company is one of the most important companies organizing Hajj and Umrah programs of high quality, where the company is keen to provide its services to visitors to the House of God and the Prophet's Mosque in order to be worthy of the visit and the great shrine
  • Issuing airline tickets to all over the world at premium prices. The company is the agent of more than 40 international airlines
  • Organization of scientific conferences and major meetings of many multinational companies and different, both inside and outside Egypt
  • Provide tourist services also accompanying seminars and all events held on the sidelines of conferences
  • The company organizes honeymoon trips, resorts and therapeutic and recreational trips to many countries in the world especially Southeast Asia and Turkey
  • The company is interested in maximizing the internal tourism of Egypt and working hard to increase the internal tourism movement through the organization of tourism programs to all the landmarks of Egypt tourism and archaeological Tourist programs
External tourism
Internal tourism
Honymoon travel