Al-Osool Investment Holding

Al-osool Investment Company

 is a Saudi l . l .c headquartered in Al-Kharj and operates according to the regulations and regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Osool Investment Company is considered one of the most prominent national companies that have followed well-studied policies since the company's inception. These policies were based on scientific principles and realistic solutions,It was founded by the optimal investment of human resources, and the pursuit of attracting the holders of scientific and administrative qualifications, who actively contributed to the realization of this strategy, which was clearly reflected, through the significant contribution to support projects and plans in the Kingdom, which in turn witnessed a great development encompassing all aspects of life, The government has adopted several development projects, which contribute to the establishment of many projects that serve the citizen and resident. 

The company has been characterized by:-

  •  a growing ambition to achieve great achievements and to pursue a flexible business strategy
  •  that seeks to achieve the overall leadership in the contracting sector, which leads to the need to maintain the distinctive footprint in the management and implementation of major projects and mega projects,
  •  Which is reflected in the size of the large projects that have been completed, and the company is the assets of investment Holding of the largest construction in the implementation of large projects.
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