Fan Altasmmem Group

fan altasmmem group is leading company in United Arab Emirates working in décor Paints and floors The group manages by team of experts and arts they have strong experience and resume in deferent type of fine arts. The company success because we have good planning and creative team manage by smart management..

Also the company Recruited team with high quality and long experience on the field mix this with high graduate academic tomeet the goal of our customers.. The company grow this customers trust and expand the business by opening new branch and expand by new services ..

Fanaltasmeem for Décor and paints contractor in Dubai and Kalba :-

  • These services manage by professional team in the designing (internal and external) 
  • The team from deferent country (Arabs /Asian) 
  •  Painters from deferent country (Arabs /Asian)
  • Plaster specialist for plaster and décor and Moroccan inscriptions (Arabs /Asian ) 
  • Wall drawing services with specialist , we do 3D Design manually and though machine
  •  Sculptors for Technical Models , Antiques and Accessories ..

Lamsat fanaltasmeem for Technical services :

  • Fan altasmmem for wood work, Acrylic , Laser Machines and Drawing Machines ..
  • Fan altasmeem for Stones, supply and installations deferent kind of stones (natural and artificial stones) ..The company offer variety designs from the stone to met the customers requirement
  • Fan altasmeem for machines, the company offer laser and drawing machines for sell …
  • Fan altasmeem for CCTV, Sound Systems , Alarm and security devices …

Fanaltasmeem for Paints and décor trading :

  • We are the agent of Caparol paints (the Germany mark ) whith quality products , many big company use the product of Caparol like Imaar  
  • We have the agency of Jotun Paint the mark is worldwide mark in the paints… We have many paints equipments … 
  • We have Germany and Italy wall paper whith deferent design We have Dyes Marble and stones this our brand on the painting 
  • We have consultant section manage by professional Engineering for many technical issue 
  •  We covered United Arab Emirates al the Emirates whith full customers services 
  • We have family section whith full technical services 

Fan altasmeem work as team to offer creative solutions for the clients and the customers around the country < we work hard to meet our client goals , and we are ready to take all the enquiries seriously whith full responsibility .. we will work hard to offer our services whith high stander..

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