New Land Real Estate Development

New Land Real Estate  Development 

is one of the leading real estate investment companies on 6th of October ...

There is no doubt that each of us seeks to have a housing that achieves high life with all its well-being and its residential and investment security. Through this basic principle we have endeavored to present this difficult equation through a total of experience in the field of contracting and real estate investment for more than 25 years.To provide you with the best accommodation with:-

  •  a luxurious view through the interfaces designed to the highest level combining the classic past and modernity of the future 
  • the finest engineering and technological details 
  •  the best geographical locations in all neighborhoods in the city of the sixth of October

 all of this will immediately reach the highest rate of investment and profitability by investment solutions Variety provides our customers with convenience and flexibility in different payment systems.

Our Vision: -

We seek to be one of the best and largest real estate investment companies in Egypt, offering real estate solutions for different categories in terms of price, quality and service, thus achieving a real addition to national income.

 Our Mission: -

  • Providing full satisfaction to our customers. Our clients are partners in investment.
  •  Achieve the highest returns for our partners and investors. 
  • Providing suitable housing units for all categories of customers with high quality, suitable prices and payment facilities without any additional benefits.

Some of the company's projects