El-Amar For Contractor

el-Amar for contractor 

is a public contracting company in Cairo, Egypt. It has 45 permanent people and 750 temporary workers

Our Vision:-

We aspire to be recognized as the most trusted and qualified contractor and developer in the Middle East: a strong leader in the home and regional partner of choice.

Our Mission:-

 Are to target a large category, of national importance and technically complex construction projects in the region - projects that enhance the amenities available to local residents. Being a single solution provider offers engineering, procurement, and construction services with international quality standards.To be the highest safety, quality, time and cost performance in the region to bring first-class exclusive, high-quality pipeline and related real estate development projects to regional markets to provide working conditions and benefits that make us the most attractive business owner in the Egyptian construction market.

Giza Palace Hotel

Shite Resort

Tanks of the Egyptian Training Center

Toyota Center Showrooms