Al-Mehthel General Contracting

Al-mehthel General Contracting Est

 Is one of the contracting companies operating in Saudi Arabia in NajranWas established in 1400 AH and has been operating since its establishment in all fields of contracting by a team of specialists and manpower trained in these fields. It also helps in this, thanks to God, a set of assets, facilities, machinery, equipment, human resources and financial finance to carry out and complete projects in Its fixed time and in accordance with all the requirements and specifications that are placed by the owners of those projects.

Al-Mehthel General Contracting Est Strives forward to progress and expansion thanks to a group of expertise and the efforts of an integrated work team both on the technical and administrative side, which qualifies it to become one of the largest companies operating in Saudi Arabia Al-Mehthel Has done many of the projects put forward by the State to improve the infrastructure with several ministries, including :-

  • The Ministry of Water and Electricity
  • the Ministry of Health
  • the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs
  • the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Endowments
  • the Ministry of Education

The company specialized in the field of:-

  •  buildings and roads
  •  water works and electrical works
  •  landscaping
  •  slaughterhouses
  • city cleaning and waste disposal
  •  maintenance of medical centers
  • Classified by the Contractors Classification Agency

The most important characteristic of the Foundation of the General Contracting

  • The number of employees in the institution about 500 workers between the engineer and technical and administrative of the highest level of competence and skill and training of different nationalities and constitute a single team and integrated to carry out the implementation of projects entrusted to the institution at the highest level and according to what is required and intended to achieve.
  • Al-Mehthel General Contracting Est  Has a well-equipped laboratory at the highest level, in addition to laboratories equipped in the work sites either by the latest equipment available within it or by its management by the most skilled technicians in this field.The Laboratory also doing a number of tests including:-
  1. soil testing
  2. asphalt testing
  3. concrete testing, etc 

The laboratory is accredited by several agencies and ministries to carry out various tests including:-

  1.  Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs
  2.  Ministry of Transport and Roads 
  3. Ministry of Education Maintenance Centers and Warehouses,
  • The company owns a set of service workshops that work on  serving and maintenance and repair of equipment In the fastest time possible to prevent the work from being stopped and To execute it as soon as possible , The Company  relying on  a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians using a set of the latest repair devices to do the work, the Foundation has five workshops distributed throughout the Najran and its provinces and cover All work sites.
  • The Foundation also owns a group of warehouses scattered in the Najran area Where materials, spare parts, etc. are stored , which helps in the speed of completion of work
  • The Foundation also has a traffic section and includes a fleet of different cars and the latest equipment and the most skilled drivers who work in the service of the Foundation's projects and multiple facilities until the work is done in the required manner and at the specified time, if not before this date.

The Foundation is implementing several projects :-

  • to discharge flood and rain water and prevent its dangers in Najran Which are governorates, which the State proposes as part of its plan to promote and protect the Kingdom's areas. 
  • The Foundation uses these projects with a group of engineers, technicians, skilled workers, Those projects on time to achieve the highest utilization of them.