Al-Shahed For Projects

 al-shahed for projects 

Since The Establishment Of and even today we are keen to embody many of the values and ethics that we  adopt in the work of contracting

Director General's speech:-

We believe that construction and construction are an integral part of the renaissance of the country and its civilization throughout  the ages, so we have chosen to work with sincerity in this creative field as a national treasure and a treasure of progress.

We have started with a steady and promising pace and plans for the future well thought out and executed carefully and carefully, and quality, like the highest in the words of our Prophet peace be upon himGod loves if one of you does a job to master it " .We can not but put our modest possibilities in your hands, and we promise you the achievement with all vigor and responsibility, honesty and honesty, asking the Almighty to be at your good.May God be reconciled.

Our Goals:-

  • Attract Qatari youth to work in the witness team for projects.
  • Meeting the needs of government agencies and the private sector in the field of construction and maintenance.
  • Extensive experience in the field of (implementation and supervision of projects - new buildings - works of restoration - decoration works).
  • Reducing the duration of the construction cycle of the projects.
  • Achieving the lowest economic cost of the highest quality.
  • Provide the best solutions in the field of construction with high quality and suitable prices.
  • Use the latest techniques in the best equipment in the construction work.
  • Developing staff competencies.
  • Apply the new in electronic management to serve the interest of work.

Company Projects

Building a villa

Building bone board and plaster