Arab Engineers Construction

Arab Engineers Construction & Development

The Arab Engineers for Construction and Development was established in 2013 based on understanding the needs of the local market in the field of construction and the vision of the Arab Republic of Egypt to establish and establish buildings specialized in general and construction contracting. 

The company specialized in constructions, finishes, and electromechanical works. From this standpoint, and as a continuation of the process of development and progress in the region, we care about the smallest details in construction in terms of quality in selecting distinctive national and imported materials by giving each building and facility our utmost attention in terms of quality and accuracy of construction and adherence to the schedule for delivery on time. And at the best competitive prices in order to satisfy the goals of our customers and the success of projects, which is what we stand for in all our work

The goals of the company :-

To achieve leadership and distinction in the local market by providing solutions and a professional vision of a high level of supply of materials and operational tools in the field of construction and general contracting and the delivery of institutions and buildings at the highest level of quality.

Compete in the local and regional markets by studying market requirements, seeing the future of construction, creating practical and effective solutions in dealing with customers, individuals, companies and organizations, and becoming the best company in the Middle East and gaining the trust of all our customers.

Our previous work :-

We are honored to present a distinguished group of projects implemented at the highest level, through which we were able to achieve quality standards, provide the best prices, adhere to the agreed schedule, and satisfy our customers with the final results.

  • Projects in 6th of October City
  • University of Technology project in 6th of October (integrated works)
  • Construction of the educational building (usual business)
  • Construction of the administration building (usual business)
  • Construction of laboratories and workshops building (usual business)
  • Construction of the reservoir building (usual business)
  • Construction of the mosque building (usual business)
  • Construction of the cafeteria building (usual business)
  • Completing the construction of fences and gates (the usual work)
  • Construction of the power building (usual business)
  • Establishment of general site coordination works (usual business)
  • Construction of the data center building (usual business)

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