Ebad El-Rahman For Contracting

Ebad El Rahman Co. For Trading & General Contracting Import & Export & Commercial Agencies.

Vision of origin: -The establishment of the vision that it is affected by the surrounding environment and affect the vision of origin is focused on the positive effects of the environment and the deployment of positive aspects of the establishment in the surrounding environment, which ultimately hurt the benefit of the establishment and its employees and dealers.

Message of origin: -The company serves its customers in the field of supplying electrical tools and tasks, as well as serving its customers in the field of contracting works of all kinds (regular and specialized).

Objectives of the establishment :-

  • Achieving success with established foundations and principles.
  • Increase the share of the establishment in the construction and supply market.
  • Maintaining the quality of service provided by the establishment.
  • Increasing the production and marketing capacity of the establishment.
  • Attract and recruit the best human resources through training and learning.
  • Preserving competencies and human resources in self-satisfaction.

Statement of some precedents of the business of the establishment:

  • The project of constructing a multi-purpose building in the Republican Guards Club in Nasr City.
  • The project of building storage refrigerators for Americana company in transit city.
  • Construction of an administrative building inside the P & G factory in 6th October City.
  • Finishing works for the project of establishing an administrative building for Americana in Obour City.
  • The project of replacing and renewing the electricity network of the building of the general administration to combat drugs in Abbasid.
  •  The project of replacing and renovating the House of Supply and Supply in Nasr City.
  • The project of developing, replacing and renovating the veterinary hospital of the University of Sadat City.
  • The construction of the walls of the University of Sadat City.

Statement of some of the work under way:-

  • Establishment of specialized technological centers and sterilization unit - 10th of Ramadan - King of Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • Project of transfer and installation of machines in the typical paint in the city of Rubiky Leather - 10th of Ramadan - King of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • The project of establishing scientific research building at Sadat University in Sadat City.