Edarh Eengineering Services

EMC International Consultants Group 

is an international provider of total professional consulting solutions in the construction & Real Estate industry. Founded in 2012, The Group was successfully built on merging three well known firms to work under the same umbrella with their cumulative experiences.

The firm is nationally & internationally recognized as a dynamic and highly capable leader in:-

  •  the delivery of Planning,
  • Architectural Design
  • Civil Engineering and Construction
  • Project Management Services  Real Estate Development and Management 

Our reputation continues as one of the most respected and reliable firms today gained through its total
and consistent commitment to quality and client service.

The company builds some of the country’s iconic projects in residential, commercial and corporate sectors. EMC also offers its clients Steel-structure assembly and project engineering consultancy.

EMC believes in its people. The company is currently in the process of implementing and using the latest construction & operations systems & modules.

Line of services

  • Project construction
  • Construction management
  • Trade contractor solicitation
  • Subcontractor management
  • Construction budgeting
  • Construction systems evaluation