Edge Stone Contracting Company

Edge Stone Contracting Company

We build our next world

Edge Stone Contracting Company was established in 2001 by Eng/ Zain Lamey as a general contractor company that provides all construction services, which consists in :-

  •  the design and construction of buildings and residential neighborhoods,
  •  industrial facilities,
  •  educational facilities, 
  • commercial facilities, 
  • heavy construction projects such as roads. Bridges and infrastructure.

Edge Stone Contracting Company has been designated by the Egyptian Construction and Construction Union as a first-class construction company in construction and construction in Egypt. For more than 15 years. 

the company has maintained the core business values that have made it a perfect partner for the most organizations and institutions in the region

Our Vision :-To become a leader in the fields of engineering, construction and project management by providing excellent results to our customers, providing good career paths to our employees, and achieving returns commensurate with the value and quality of our business.

Quality :- We are passionate about perfection and delivering our work to the best of the first time as our reputation depends on the evaluation of our customers and the communities in which we work for the projects implemented by the company.

EXCELLENCE :- We develop and apply the best techniques. We keep learning and looking permanently.

Safety & Health :- We provide a healthy work environment for our employees, and we do not neglect to ensure their safety from harm.

RESPONSIBILITY :- We always take responsibility for our commitments and keep our promises, and we are committed to our clarity and transparency in all contracts and agreements.

Edge Stone Contracting Company is one of the clients of Babel Software Company, which works on Babel for accounting and company management of contracting companies