Al-Megharbel for Contracting

Al-Megharbel for Contracting and Real Estate Investment

Founded in 1970, El Megharbel Construction has established itself as one of Egypt's top construction firms.

Rated as category 1 within the Egyptian Federation of Contractors, we are well-positioned for growth as a result of the massive expenditure earmarked for infrastructure and construction projects during the next decade.

Our decades of experience in general construction is complemented by our expansion plans into infrastructure and energy. Given Egypt's natural resources, we are currently establishing a new division especially catering to solar energy projects while we also forecast a considerable amount of demand for water treatment facilities. 

We also plan on establishing 2 new branches for our company. One in western Cairo scheduled for the summer of 2019 and the second one in Alexandria which is scheduled for the summer of 2020. This while a comprehensive plan to modernize our equipment fleet is being procured. This would include expanding our equipment fleet as well as replacing older equipment with newer ones.  

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