Future Tower Group

Future Tower Group

Eng/ Ahmed Abdel Fattah founded a simple recommendation company in 1997 under the name of Future Group for Trading, Real Estate Investment and Contracting

The company has implemented many projects as a main contractor or subcontractor As a result of the steady growth of the company as well as the sector in which it was working to establish a strong economic entity to keep pace with the growth of the construction sector and real estate investment in Egypt.

The company was re-established with partners with local and international expertise. M & N International Group of Companies was established with a capital of 10 million Egyptian pounds and chaired by Eng/ Ali Salama Nafie.

 One of these companies was established in the name of Future Tower Company under the management of Eng/ Ahmed Abdel Fattah The company has implemented many national projects that contribute to the renaissance of modern Egypt.

Our Projects

 ( Al Dabaa Road Charging Station (Road Al Faraj

Dabbaa Road Service Stations