Heraa Contracting & Supplies

Heraa Contracting & Supplies Co.

 was established in 1992 to carry out the work of integrated buildings Was classified in the Egyptian Federation of building and Construction in 1994 as one of the working companies  in contracting to continue their classification to reach The first category after many of its work as it began to engage with:- 

  • the General Authority for Educational Buildings in the establishment and development of many of the Schools such as schools (Central, South, North, West, Cairo, Zawiya and Shubra)
  • the body of cleaning and beautification of Cairo in some works in the regions (6 October - International Garden - Japanese Garden)
  • the Awqaf to renovate and develop the King's Mosque in Cairo
  • the Ministry of Culture in the development of the historic gate in Alexandria -
  • the Arab Organization for Industrialization in the renewable energy building project and also 
  •  the Academy of Scientific Research to develop And the development of the General Authority for Documentation and the development of the General Authority for Books and Accessories and the project of the International Book Center in Cairo

The various sectors of the various projects in the country, including :-

  • Cultural projects 
  • national projects 
  • commercial projects 
  • educational projects 
  • residential projects 
  •  tourism projects 
  • administrative projects
  •  land ports