Horizons Contracting

Horizons Contracting Company

is a specialized company in the field of contracting, construction, finishing and specialized engineering works Our company has been in Egypt since 2009 and our efforts have been successful.

 And in 2012 joined the metal construction sector of the company and the company implemented many of the metal facilities in different locations in the Republic of Egypt In 2013, an integration formula was reached with Scoop Contracting and Development Company, MAU Designs and Al Ghunaimi Trading Company To achieve integration in meeting customer requirements

Based on this integration, the company achieved a good presence in the Egyptian market, which had an effect on increasing the confidence of customers in the company, which in turn reflected on the volume of The works carried out in the last two years

Since then we are working on the following plan and vision to complete the success of the company's march in the following areas:-

  • Integrated Engineering Design
  • Concrete works
  • Works of metal structures
  • Internal and external finishes
  • Decoration works
  •  Induscape works and agriculture
  •  Electromechanical works
  • Civil protection systems for monitoring, fire alarm and fire fighting
  • Integrated maintenance of buildings
  • Restoration and reinforcement works
  • Facilities management
  • Swimming pools and insulation

 Our Projects

  • All branches of Alfa - Scan Centers
  • Developing and finishing the exhibition and maintenance center Nissan United Group
  • Center for Health Credits for Embassies of Arab States (Alpha Lab) Alfa Population Scan Centers
  • Project of the establishment of maintenance center and showroom Nissan loaded
  • Egypt Gold Company - Mostafa & Hassan Nassar