Hummer Elevators Corporation

Hummer Elevators Corporation

 provides free consultation to its valued customers starting with fixing:-

  • the suitable elevator for the place and specifying 
  • the size of the required well until the sending of the plan
  • the price offer. 
  • The Corporation installs Korean 

high quality Italian elevators only to provide:- 

  • safety and comfort to its customers.
  •  Maintenance offers are offered on annual contracts at competitive prices
  • It has a team of skilled technicians to install elevators and contain problems and failures, God willing
  • The company also provides elevator spare parts supply service
  • Ladders for most types of elevators
  • It is credible in its dealings with its customers

Types of elevators that we install and maintain:-

  •  Home elevators
  •  stair lifts
  •  Passenger lifts
  •  Freight Elevators
  •  Hospital elevators
  •  Food elevators