Impex Trading & Contracting

Impex Trading & Contracting

 we look at every project we complete as the thing you will live with the community that is more than concrete and steel. It is a living facility for more than 12 years, Impex has transformed from visions and ideas into living facts.

Our clients represent a wide range of industries and business sectors, giving us the opportunity to apply our overall experience and passion to the excellence of each project, no matter what they build. From:- 

  • educational spaces to industrial 
  • manufacturing facilities to commercial multi-level buildings 
  •  criminal justice facilities

the heart and soul of our business is building for you.To create the roads we do our right job by researching in order to customize and apply the best paving technique depending on the perimeter of the place. Furthermore, we pay attention to quality to ensure durability and avoid any deterioration of materials, corrosion, cracking and settling of mountains and roads using heavy equipment and explosion.

Our projects:- 

  • include paved roads for oil companies
  •  Sheikh Fadl Road 
  • the City of Majesty Road.