Mahfouz for Architecture & Construction

Mahfouz for Architecture & Construction

Mahfouz for Architecture & Construction is a leading and major architecture institution in the field of contracting and project completion in Egypt. Moreover, it is an edifice in the field of building and construction.

It was able to prove itself in the Egyptian market since 1970s to date, and to obtain its customers› trust due to the utilisation of new techniques in all areas, to keep pace with continuing market developments. Therefore, many major projects were assigned to it, which contributed in boosting the Egyptian economy for all last years.

Mahfouz For Architecture & Construction has a distinct record of discrete and influencing projects in the Egyptian market, which are distinguished by high-level completion, to ensure its customers› satisfaction, and for the high level of responsibility, commitment, consideration of the work and high-quality completion. The Institution always seeks the maintenance of discrete completion level, to which it is used, through the auspices of human resources at all levels and qualifying them for the commitment to high-level completion and the ability to take right decisions in their fields as per their responsibilities. Also, the Institution seeks the usage of new technologies and be informed about all new aspects in the field of building and construction, for the purpose of sustained development.

Mahfouz For Architecture & Construction has maintained its advanced position amongst counterpart companies in the Egyptian market, as the best project completion company since the outset of 1980s, through the application of quality control system, which contains all levels of the system. The Institution is formed of peculiar engineering departments which contain an elite of high qualified engineers in all disciplines.

Mahfouz For Architecture & Construction follows a strategy which is based on full commitment to high-quality level in the completion of all projects and on-time handover as per the schedule,all that through high-quality level and conformity to all specifications and standards. A project is delivered on time and through the accepted prices and by using new technologies.

the most important customers of the company (Office Buildings - Hospitals)

-Eastern Company S.A.E                                                                                                                                                                                           -Egypt Air                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -Allianz                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Balloon theater      

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