Mqayes El-Daqa for Contracting

mqayes el-daqa 

is A holding company  in Riyadh, the capital of the of Saudi Arabia. It invests, acquires and participates in the establishment of companies operating in various sectors such as:- 

  • construction, building
  •  roads water sewage
  •  electricity mechanical, cooling,
  • Cleaning, operation, environmental sanitation
  •  tourism, travel, hotel 
  • information technology
  • manufacturing, supply and maintenance of equipment machinery and equipment.

Company Activities:-

Manufacturing of all cleaning equipment and mechanisms such as:-

  • waste compactors
  • road sweepers
  • column maintenance trailers, dumps, containers
  • water tankers, sewage drains
  • heavy equipment carriers and other equipment that serve our clients' business in general including after sales service and training on how to use equipment, Maintenance spare parts.