Meamar Al-Hamad Real Estate

Meamar Al-Hamad Real Estate Marketing

 Is an Egyptian joint stock company established in 2006 as an Egyptian shareholding company. The company was born from the accumulated experience of the board members in the field of investment and real estate development especially in the new cities where development needs engineering, economic and social expertise With the main target segments of the real estate product  by Meamar Al-Hamad

meamar Al-Hamad's look at real estate investment far beyond its comprehensive concept of power or earning power in the futur" Whether it is a gain for the board of directors or those that the company's clients are looking for in the near or long term. We are looking forward to achieving our customers' current profits and achieving profits in the near future. This is what distinguishes us from many competitors In this area.

The vision of  Meamar Al-Hamad  Real Estate Marketing is "effective" from the base of " producing what can be sold from real estate and not " selling what can be produced from real estate " This vision is one of the most important achievements in the real estate market in Egypt because it means in short that we are developing what the market needs now or In addition, Meamar Al-Hamad  lack of vision has a broader and more comprehensive view of the property. This explains the company's tendency to invest in the following sectors:-

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Entertainment
  • Education

Each of these sectors of privacy requires a strategic depth to develop a real estate suitable to the needs of current and future customers in terms of meeting the ambition of the Board of Directors of the company and the ambition of our clients to achieve the highest return on investment on the other.

company's projects

Compound Sun SIT 2