Report Library

Asset report to be re-evaluated When the end of the useful life of the asset is reached, the book value becomes 1 The report filters the assets whose book value has expired to be re-evaluated again to increase its useful life

The report of assets disposed of during the period, is a report showing the assets that were excluded or sold during the period and shows the date of work, the date of sale, the value of the sale and the depreciation compound.

Report of assets added during the period, A report showing each group of assets and attached to the newly added assets and shows the cost of the purchase of the asset and the date of work

Asset report according to the custody of an employee, A report showing the data of the assets charged to each employee where it shows the cost of the asset and the date of work and follows any management

Asset report according to the place of work, A report that shows the knowledge of each asset and the load on any place followed or any administration and also shows the total costs for each asset and the date of the currency and is responsible for the custody of the asset

Asset report by type of asset, is a report showing the data of each asset by type means light or heavy equipment or owners or excavators or transfer text ....... etc.

Report on the days of using the asset in projects, A report showing the number of days of using the asset in all projects so that the cost of using the days of the asset on all projects is proven

Depreciation of disposed assets report, A report showing the cost of purchasing the asset and the depreciation compound of the asset. Also, if there are capital expenditures on the asset, the cost and depreciation compound shall be calculated and the total cost, total compound, final value of the asset or book value shall be calculated.

Capital Expenditure Report, A report showing the capital expenditure data such as maintenance and the amount spent on the asset and the expense date.

Asset Report, This report shows the asset groups under which assets are stated at cost of purchase, capital expenditure, location of work, date of work and name of custodian.

A comprehensive depreciation report, is a report showing all the details of the asset from its cost, depreciation compound, the book value of the asset after depreciation, as well as capital expenditure on the asset and finally the total cost of the asset, the aggregate of the asset and the final value of the asset.

Depreciation report on projects, A report showing the depreciation on assets according to the days of using or operating the asset on projects

Report on equipment losses and losses,A report showing the data of each equipment and diversifying revenues. There are revenues from transportation, revenues from leasing and any other revenues.

Equipment Depreciation Report, A report describing the cost of each equipment and its depreciation compound and the total carrying value of the equipment after deducting the compound and adding capital costs to the equipment.

Report of the analysis of the revenue of the transfer of monthly items, where the report analyzes the revenues of transport according to the material during a certain period where it shows the item and its revenue in front of periods

Drivers' Transport Revenue Report, is a report that shows the names of drivers with the revenue generated for each month.

Transport revenue report for cars, the report shows the user the value of revenue generated by the operation of each vehicle or equipment

The report shows the user the value of revenue generated by the transfer of materials to customers

A report showing the transfer orders during a certain period in its own revenue, showing the coupon number, the authorization number, the date, the name of the customer, the quantity of the materials, the value of the transport and the value of the materials.

The report shows the user the expenses spent on the equipment during the period