Report Library

User performance monitoring report, a report that shows the data of users to monitor their performance in the operations they added, modified or deleted on the system, and shows the date, time and type of financial movement to be monitored

This report allows the printing of the five-level accounts manual with the account name and code number

This report allows printing of the three-level cost centers directory, starting with the region, the main project and the sub-project.

This report allows to know the balances of the main accounts (debit - credit - balance of each account)

The total expenses report for the company, is a report showing the total expenses of the whole company, whether it is management expenses, operating expenses related to projects or operating expenses of equipment.

Expense Analysis Report by Month,This report shows the total and analysis of the Company's general and administrative expenses or operating expenses by months of the year.

Expense report According to the project, a report showing each project vertically and in front of the total expenses for each project

Sub-Center Expense Analysis Report, is a report that shows the sub-expenses of the project such as when the project is divided into phases such as concrete works, drilling, construction, paints and electricity

This report provides an overview of the total value of all expenses charged to projects according to months

This report is useful to know the dates of cheques that are nearing the date of collection so that the name of the beneficiary of the check and the remaining period is displayed on the due date

This report informs the user of the dates of the cheques that are due to be paid so that the name of the beneficiary of the cheque and the remaining period will be displayed on the due date.

Through the report we can determine the costs of each phase of the project separately

The value added report according to the declaration number for a period where the search is the tax number of the account holder during a certain period and clarify the type and billing numbers and tax amounts and the name of the taxpayer

Value-added report during a period according to sales - purchases where it is divided into VAT input and VAT outputs, The report compiles any taxes falling under the previous two types of sleep and presents them in an analytical manner along with the type of operation, amounts, tax numbers and taxpayers' numbers to fit the calculation of the tax summary.

Value-added report according to the type of tax where the report filters the tax by type of sales subject. GCC Sales. Zero sales. Exports. Exempt sales, etc., and then shows all the data in terms of the type of operation, date, number of financiers, tax amount and total value

Comprehensive report of value added during the period A report showing the VAT during a period in terms of audited or non-audited operations, as well as the type of tax are outputs or inputs and data and billing numbers and type, financiers numbers and the amount of tax and value after tax and billing numbers

The VAT Summary report is a report showing the VAT tax return form

This report allows you to see all journal entries created for review

Report of issued bonds according to daily journal report showing all types of daily restrictions as well as bond numbers, date, amount and authority of the bond

This report provides the decision-maker with total operational costs for a specific project at any time in detail to monitor and control costs