Report Library

Account balances report, a report showing the account name, debit balance and credit balance remaining balance to show the balance of each account

General ledger from within the general accounts system report,This report shows the balances of the accounting entries by month and their placement on the accounts horizontally, such as those on the treasury or the bank.

A general journal report is a report that shows and displays the daily entries as balances related to accounts receivable or accounts payable horizontally for each account such as cash cash, bank, employee advances, covenant or customers

The report presents the status of each client in his own projects and balances of the amounts set aside and ensure the work and reserved amounts

The report allows the user to know the operations for which there is no accounting guidance by displaying the type, number and date of the bond

The report presents a detailed movement of cash receipts, cash disbursements and cheques, either grouped or separately

This report allows to know the total value of expenses according to classification on all projects

This report provides an overview of the total project expenses for a given region

This report allows you to see all expenses charged to projects in the name of the expense and its value

It is a report showing the carried over and accumulated expenses from previous years of the project

Project Expenditure Analysis Report, A report that analyzes project expense items by project

Expense analysis report by region, A report showing the expenses charged on all projects listed under each region, ie, each region of its projects

This report provides an overview of the expenses of the sub-centers for major projects per month

The report allows the user to know all the revenues that entered the company of all kinds

Company revenue reports by revenue showing the analysis of project revenues by type of each revenue as government revenue, building revenue or real estate investment income

The company's monthly revenue analysis report shows the monthly revenues of each project by month

Revenue Report of Executed Business Items The business items are presented in the agreed contract quantities as well as the executed quantities, completion rates and prices of each item.

A report of the revenues of the project in the sub-centers shows the income of the sub-cost centers according to the type of each revenue, whether government revenues or revenues of buildings or revenues related to real estate investment

Project Revenue Analysis Report This report shows the projects listed under a specific area to be selected.

The report allows the user to know the detailed balances of employees in terms of advances, covenant and salaries due