Report Library

The report allows the user to make a full statement of the employee for all cash and payment movements made to the employee

The report allows the user to view the costs incurred by each center of all kinds of expenses

The report allows the user to know the cost of project staff salaries

Payroll analysis report according to projects, A report showing the analysis of salaries and wages of the company and loaded on projects by the presence and departure of employees on projects

This report provides access to all items of work carried out by production groups in quantities, value of each item and average price

Material Expenditure Analysis Report for Projects, a report that shows the expense values and will not only pertain to the materials and upload them to the detailed projects

Report of quantities spent on projects, a report showing the quantities of items spent for each project so that the materials that have been spent on the project

Report of quantities spent to a sub-center, A report showing the quantities and materials spent on sub-cost centers such as concrete, paints or insulation when the project is divided into sub-cost centers

Third-party quantities report, the report shows the materials that are disbursed to other parties other than the project as a client, contractor, etc.

The report allows the user to view the amounts spent from the item groups for the main cost center

A report of the quantities purchased for a project, a report showing the quantities that have been contracted and purchased for projects and shows the projects horizontally and materials purchased for each project separately

The report allows the user to know the detailed balances of the contractors account for the contractor and to ensure the works and advanced payments

This report allows you to view all the notes issued by a particular bank or all banks

Report of amounts issued by a bank, a report showing the amounts issued by the bank by type, bank transfer, checks, notes of payment, etc., the name of the bank and the dates of issue and maturity

Payable Cheques report, a report showing checks payable in terms of bank name, date of issue and maturity of check and amount of check

Report of the amounts received to a bank, a report showing the checks received during a certain period to the bank by type check or bank transfer or receivables ... etc and the dates of issuance and maturity and the beneficiary and the amount

Collecting cheques report , a report showing the receivable papers or cheques under collection according to cheques that are not due or due and is stated the number of days and the amount and beneficiary

A cheque report according to the place of custody, a report showing the place of keeping the cheques, whether in the bank, the company, ... etc.

A report of the amounts received by the Fund, which is a report showing all the amounts received for the treasury during a certain period with the name of the beneficiary and the amount received for the treasury.

Report of the amounts issued by the Fund, a report showing the figures of bonds for cash disbursement and the names of the beneficiary and the dates issued by cash as well as the amounts