Report Library

This report allows the printing of complete estimate items with the total value of each item, its individual price and the total quantity to be presented to the customer.

Print report of the cost of the elements where the name of indexation is selected and the analysis and presentation of the elements entered on all the items of the indexation under study in the quantities of each element and its value and unit cost

Print Report Factories where the report shows the data of the various manufactures that are done on the study of the items of estimates in quantities and the value of the manufactures such as concrete works, drilling works, insulation works, etc.

A report showing the actual cost of the item and comparing it to the selling value provided to the customer to know the percentage of profit or loss at the level of each item in the tender.

Through the report, the standard quantities are determined on the project distributed over the years of work

Through the report, the standard quantities of each component of the indexation are defined and the timetable for the quantities consumed is determined throughout the project.